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Facing Family Life Head-On • Guest Post by Author Juli D. Revezzo

When You Have to Face Your Family History Head-On

by Juli D. Revezzo

Family life, huh? It can be a pain, and a joy. Sometimes, it’s a mystery. In the Antique Magic series, Caitlin has taken a long path to get where she and her husband are, starting out bombarded by the horrors of home ownership, dealing with things of a the paranormal kind that you and I (probably) never will face, she’s seen a lot of its different faces from imps, to ghosts, to (egads!l) dragons.  Now fully settled into such a life, little bumps in the night are mere annoyances. Her biggest obstacle is navigating her small business, her college degree, making her next coven meeting on time, and *gasp*  family life.

This final item has been the largest question looming over Caitlin’s head all these years. How did she and her family get sucked into all this paranormal nonsense?

I knew I’d have to answer that question soon, so wanted to tackle it in this: Witch’s Wood, the new, seventh book in the series. To do so, I went back to something I’ve loved for years: The addition of an antique, magical map and set of knitting needles seemed the perfect catalyst. A map—because I am a sucker for old maps—and knitting needles, because did you know knitting is one of the oldest “domestic” crafts in the world? The dates are disputed, but I found a reference for something called nalbinding that’s similar to knitting as early as the 200s BCE. Map making is even older. The first map was set down perhaps as far back as 6000 BCE (one source I found said 25,000 BCE!)

 The answer? Something Cait and Trevor never could’ve dreamed when they were baby witches. 😉 Something that may give them the peace and answer to their family mystery, once and for all—or unravel everything they’ve worked for.


Caitlin and Trevor inherit a set of enchanted knitting needles, needles that tangle them in another supernatural yarn. Yet the acquisition has freed their most hated enemy and he wants the needles as much as they do. But why are they so important to him? The clues may serve to solve their family’s long-standing mystery. Or lead them right into his clutches.

Can the couple cast off this twisted enigma or will their inheritance unravel their lives?

If you’d like to find out the details, Witch’s Wood is available now at Amazon as is the entire series.

Thanks for having me today, Suzanne!


Juli D. Revezzo loves fantasy and Celtic mythology and writing stories with all kinds of fantastical elements. She is the author of Witch’s Wood and Dragon’s Seamstress, part of the Antique Magic paranormal series, the historical romances, the Camden Girls series, House of Dark Envy, the fantasy Gothic romance Lady of the Tarot, and much more. She is also a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.

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(*wood or bone)


[Today, I’m turning my blog over to author Juli D. Revezzo, on the occasion of her newest release. Enjoy! ~ Suzanne]

In the continuation of my Stewards War series, with Stacy going back to her normal life, running her history center, I realized that mundane everyday life wasn’t the end (as it wasn’t in the related series Celtic Stewards Chronicles). There was more to tell, after the battle covered in Keeper of the Grove. Thus, the new novel in the series, entitled Bitter Thorn Tribe was born. What “more” is there? Her history center takes up a lot of her thought and life, running such an establishment involves everything from upkeep of the building, to writing grant proposals, to (our favorite pastime!) research. But Stacy also has a full plate.

Because, Balor. Yes, he’s back too, and he likes to do nothing more than cause trouble for Stacy and Aaron. What’s actually there to make the villain follow the rules, after all? Even in his myths he wouldn’t. Case in point, when he was told to stay away from a magical cauldron full of poison. Well, he didn’t, and that’s how he lost use of one eye—except as a weapon—becoming Balor of the Evil Eye.

And even if he’s not totally able to wield power, every good villain has minions. Balor’s are just a little more reptilian than most.

Don’t let ‘em fool you. Balor’s new minions aren’t as sweet as they look!

What will happen to Stacy and Aaron in Bitter Thorn Tribe? Will these so-and-so’s disrupt Stacy’s wedding? You’ll have to read to find out.

Destined to be a bride, if only the gods will let her…

Stacy Macken tries to acclimate herself to her training under Tuatha dé Danaan druids—as if she doesn’t have enough work in planning her wedding to her beloved guardian and fiancé Aaron.

When Fomorii loyalists violate their treaty and seek revenge for their recent defeat, even Stacy’s druids are at a loss to explain the mayhem that ensues. Can Aaron and his brothers-in-arms stop it before Stacy and her family are caught in the crossfire?

If you’d like to check it out, Bitter Thorn Tribe is available in ebook and paperback at Amazon. The entire series is HERE.

About the Author

Juli D. Revezzo loves fantasy and Celtic mythology and writing stories with all kinds of fantastical elements. She is the author of the Antique Magic paranormal series and the Stewards Wars and Celtic Stewards Chronicles series, the historical romances, Camden Girls series, Vesta’s Clockwork Companions, House of Dark Envy, Watchmaker’s Heart, and Lady of the Tarot, and more. She is also a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.


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Guest Post • April Kelley Jones

I’m turning over my blog today to author April Kelley Jones, who has a new 5-Star release, The Curse Breaker. Enjoy! ~ Suzanne G. Rogers

Eris’s sister is missing, and Magic is definitely to blame! Eris knows only Magic can bring her back, but even as a Light Magic born, is she strong enough to save her sister?

Knox is cursed to spend his days as a corpse and his nights trying to find the prophesized girl who can break the curse. If he can’t find her by his 20th birthday, he’ll stay dead forever.

Eris and Knox will discover there are scarier things in their path other than curses and half-truths. If the Queen of the Underworld has her way, everything and everyone will die. The only thing standing in her way is the curse breaker, and Eris will have to choose between saving herself or everyone she loves.


Inspiration for The Curse Breaker

I’m a constantly curious person. You should see my google history. I’m full of the most random questions, which happens to be a lovely thing when you’re a writer. The idea for The Curse Breaker came to me one day just before a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) was about to kick off. I had purchased a collection of old Irish folktales, which sat on my bookshelf for longer than I’d like to admit, and for some reason, on that day I decided to give it a go. I was immediately interested in one story in particular. It was about a girl whose older sisters had fallen prey to a cursed boy’s touch after they had neglected to get their mother’s blessing, and I thought to myself, what would happen if I added magic to this story and maybe a dragon or two? So, I did. I wrote the first draft in a month and spent the next year reworking all of the story’s moving parts. In the end, The Curse Breaker came into being. Luckily for me, people like stories with dragons and magic so I have been able to share it with lots of new friends. If I were to leave you with any advice, it would be this: stay curious my friends! You never know where it will take you.

Author Bio:

April Jones has read, written, or edited her way through numerous fictional worlds. When she’s not teaching or writing, she spends her time trying to learn other languages or keeping her mischievous cat from eating the pet fish. She received her bachelor’s in English and her M.F.A. in creative writing.

A Tennessee native, April currently lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. You can find her poems and short stories published in various literary magazines across the internet and in print. You can also check out her debut novel, The Curse Breaker. For more information visit her website

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @akejones
Instagram: aprilkelleyjones

Featured image of lady/dragon by silviarita from Pixabay

The Dragon Rider’s Daughter• Audiobook

When I was casting the audiobook version of The Dragon Rider’s Daughter, a very talented actress by the name of Tara-Louise Kaye sent me a promising audition. After having a listen and checking out her credits, I came to think of her as “The Dr. Who Girl,” after a part she narrated in a Dr. Who audiobook.  Interestingly, Tara-Louise has a Dr. Who lineage, since her actress mother, Carole Ann Ford, played the granddaughter of the Doctor in the 1963 series. Tara-Louise is my narrator now, and she can be forevermore known as “The Dragon Rider’s Daughter Girl.” I’m thrilled she has lent her special talent to the narration, and I know audiobook fans will enjoy it, too.

~ Suzanne

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DRDaudiobookAfter Minna’s father loses his career, health, and wealth due to a rogue wizard, he forbids his daughter from studying magic. She carries on in secret, all the while plotting revenge against the man who ruined her father’s life.

Evan Valentine has attended a prestigious magical academy on scholarship, although he’s cleverly managed to conceal the fact from everyone. He’s on the fast track to success—until he discovers he owes a debt that can never be repaid.

Minna and Evan don’t realize it yet, but their destinies have been intertwined for years. Once the truth is known, they’ll be forced to choose between vengeance…or each other.

Buy Links: Amazon • Audible by Country: US • UK • FR • DE • Now at iTunes.

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Narrator Tara-Louise Kaye


Tara-Louise lives in London with her two young children and her cat, Pip. She is an actress and writer who has recently embarked on producing from her professional studio, nicknamed ‘Edna’.

Tara likes the variety of roles and genres available within the audio book world as it allows her to play many different characters that would be impossible to perform on the stage or screen. She particularly enjoys playing villains and quirky types.

In her spare time, Tara is an avid horse rider and loves salsa dancing.

Learn more about Tara-Louise Kaye: Twitter  • SpotlightFandom/Tardis

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The Dragon Rider’s Daughter is also available as an ebook and in paperback.



Something Wicked is Here

SWILAFINALCOVERMy supernatural romance, Something Wicked in L.A., has been released and is ready for its closeup. The book comes in two parts, beginning with Apocrypha, a short story about a demon who may or may not have lost her taste for leading the susceptible into sin.


“I’ve been experiencing a little job dissatisfaction,” I said.

It just popped out. I couldn’t believe I’d said it, but the old man had the sort of face you could talk to. When he didn’t respond, I flicked a glance at him to make sure he was listening.

“Hold steady, my dear,” he said. “After I get your mouth right you can tell me about it.”

I sighed and waited for the geezer to finish sketching my mouth. To be honest, I really did want him to get it right. I have a very nice pair of lips for a demon, even if I do say so myself. It was too bad he couldn’t just take a picture, but since demons can’t be photographed, we were stuck doing my portrait the old-fashioned way. I shouldn’t have called him a geezer, even though technically that’s what he is. His name is Greer Richmond and he’s older than dirt. Of course, I am too, but I look considerably fresher than he does.

“You were saying?” Greer prompted, a few moments later.

“Oh, yeah—well, when I started out as a young demon, it was all fun and games,” I continued. “I made a big splash with the whole missing Roanoke colony thing.”

“That was you?” Greer’s bushy eyebrows lifted. “I’ve often wondered what the Lost Colony was all about.”

He was sketching my hair at that moment. I had to squelch the temptation to toss a lock of it over one shoulder. That took some doing—squelching temptation isn’t one of my strong suits. I’m usually better at egging it on.

“Yeah, Roanoke was one of my first projects. I really scored points with the Boss on that one. Lizzie Borden was another high point.” I took a moment to gloat. “Those were the days.”dreamstime_xs_20793807

“What has changed?”

“A lot of up-and-coming newbies are total buzzkillers. It’s become a demon-eat-demon world, and a bunch of recent flashy ‘inexplicable’ events have made it impossible to stand out from the crowd.” I shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong—9/11 was impressive, I’ll grant you. But it seems as if demons are increasingly sacrificing quality for the quick thrill.”

Greer leveled a look at me that had nothing to do with the sketch. “Are you sure that’s all there is to it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Other demons I’ve met speak about their work with a bit more enthusiasm. Just between you and me, Jem, are you quite certain you’re not losing your taste for promoting evil?”

“Did Loqi put you up to saying that?” I jumped off my stool. “You’re wrong. I’m dedicated to the diabolical, through and through.”

Something Wicked in L.A. is still at its pre-release price and its also available to read free through the Kindle Unlimited program, so don’t wait!


Something Wicked in L.A. • Coming Soon

SWILAFINALCOVERAn evil plot is afoot to bring about the Apocalypse and Tori is the key. Demons are pouring into Los Angeles and she seems to be the only one who notices. If she can manage to survive past her eighteenth birthday, she hopes to graduate from her performing arts high school. Unfortunately, something wicked this way comes and the only thing standing between her and a blood sacrifice is a mysterious new hunky classmate—a classically trained actor from London who seems to know more about her than she does herself.

The story begins with Apocrypha, which introduces the character Jem the Demon. Jem is dedicated to the diabolical, through and through…but is the demon losing her taste for leading the susceptible into sin? One man thinks so, and he uses her image in his supernatural game. Is Jem destined to be anything more than a beautiful face on a playing card or will she ultimately have a greater role in the real-life battle between good and evil?

Darkly humorous and witty, Something Wicked in L.A. will keep you guessing until the end.

Something Wicked in L.A. will be released for the Kindle on June 11th, and it’s available at a pre-order price of $0.99 HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.11.57 PM


Shopping bags in hand, Tori emerged from a store on Melrose Avenue, where the lampposts were decorated with holiday tinsel. She weighed whether to continue shopping, but then she noticed three human-shaped demons heading her way. They seemed to be staring straight at her, but because their eyes were completely red, it was difficult to tell for sure. Paralyzing fear took over for several moments, but then she forced her feet to move. Her car was several blocks away in a more deserted residential section. What if the demons caught up to her before she could get inside and lock her car doors?

A half-block later, she came across a store—The Mime’s Eye—which was dedicated to new age paraphernalia. In the window display hung several charms, talismans, crystals, and amulets. Her heart was pounding as she darted inside and pressed herself flat against the wall next to the window. When the three demons appeared, Tori held her breath. Would the red-eyed denizens follow her?

“Can I help you?”

Startled, Tori flinched. “What?”

The African robe-clad shop owner gave her a kindly smile. “Sorry if I frightened you, but you can relax. They won’t come in here. A special rune is painted over the doorway, so no demons can enter.”

“Y-you see them?”

“Certainly.” He tilted his head as he regarded her. “How long have you had the sight?”

“Since I was a child.” Tori craned her neck toward the window, but the unholy trio had disappeared. She took a deep breath and allowed her shoulders to relax a little. “I’ve been seeing more and more demons lately.”

“I’ve noticed an increase as well.” He leaned forward, as if to impart a secret. “Most people don’t realize what’s really happening.”

“Which is?”

“The eternal war between good and evil is heating up.”


Excerpt • The Dragon Rider’s Daughter

drdcoveridea6smallShe turned to discover the wizard had her sketchbook in his hands and was peering at her drawing. Her cheeks suddenly felt extraordinarily warm.

“Oh…I, um, just thought you and the puppy looked sweet together.”

He shot her a dark glance. “You should have asked my permission before drawing my portrait.”

“I didn’t want to wake you.” Humiliated beyond measure, Minna hastened to take the sketchbook from him. “Honestly, there’s no reason to be so sensitive. I didn’t mean any harm.”

His chin lifted. “I don’t much like being stared at when I’m dozing, thank you very much!”

Her temper flared. “Really? I had the impression you enjoy being stared at all the time.”

A muscle in his jaw quivered. “That’s my cue to go. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll get my coat.”

As he strode into the kitchen, Minna felt a pang of genuine remorse. Just because he’d caught her admiring him was no reason for her to be so churlish.

Evan returned, wearing his coat. “Thank you for the hot chocolate, Miss Westerfield. I’ll see myself out.”

“Wait.” She tore the sketch from the sketchbook, folded it into a square, and pressed it into his hands. “I’m sorry for being rude just now…and for disturbing your privacy.”

His expression softened. “I probably overreacted.”

“You didn’t. No hard feelings, I hope.”

“Of course not.” He gave her a crooked grin. “I was embarrassed to be caught sleeping, if you want to know the truth. What with all the thunder, I didn’t sleep well last night.” He tucked the folded paper into his coat pocket. “Listen, it’s none of my business, but with magical abilities like yours, it’s a shame you don’t use them openly.”

She feigned puzzlement. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You don’t have to pretend.”

Any remorse she’d felt at her incivility shriveled up. “You’re right. It’s none of your business.”

Without warning, the wizard slid his arm around her waist and pulled her close. The hair on her forearms and the back of her neck rose. Unbidden, her gaze was drawn to his full lips.

“W-What are you doing?”

He looked at her askance. “Come on, Miss Westerfield. Can’t you feel the electricity between us?”

“I don’t know what you mean.” Shaken, she took a step back.

“We both have goose bumps.” He pointed at her bare forearms. “A wizard can sense magic, especially when it’s as powerful as yours.”

“You’ve overstepped the mark, Mr. Valentine.”

“I don’t think I have.” He raised one of his eyebrows. “Furthermore, I bet I’m not the only one who enjoys being stared at.”

She gave him a level glance. “You’re rather conceited, Mr. Valentine. Don’t get struck by lightning on your way out.”

Evan chuckled. “Oh, I was struck by lightning years ago, when we first met.”

“But we’ve never met.”

A flicker of disappointment crossed his features. “I didn’t think you’d remember.”

The Dragon Rider’s Daughter (released on 2/7/17) will be available again soon!


The Dragon Rider’s Daughter


When I received the publishing rights back to a short story entitled Minna & the Valentine, the project went on a shelf for a long time…until now. I’ve rewritten the tale, doubling the length, and I’m ready to release it again.

Blurb: After dragon jockey Wynn Westerfield loses his career, health, and wealth due to a wizard, he forbids his daughter, Minna, from studying magic. Although she manages to carry on secretly, her life becomes even more of a struggle when her mother dies. On the brink of adulthood, she’s offered the chance to track down the wizard responsible for her misery. Unfortunately, she’ll be forced to reveal her powers to the world.

Evan Valentine has attended a prestigious magical academy on scholarship, although he’s cleverly managed to conceal the fact from everyone. He’s on the fast track to success—until he discovers he owes a debt that can never be repaid.

Minna and Evan don’t realize it yet, but their destinies have been intertwined for years. Once the truth is known, they’ll be forced to choose between revenge…or each other.

The Dragon Rider’s Daughter (formerly published as Minna & the Valentine) is available for pre-order HERE. Release date: February 7th, 2017.

The Yden Collection • Dragontastic Series


Now that I have the publication rights back to ALL my Yden novels, I’ve put them together in an e-book box set for hours of dragons, wizards, and coming-of-age angst. Although this collection is available for purchase HERE, it’s also free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Kira: The Yden Trilogy Prequel

KIRASGRPoisoned by an enemy, a young warrior struggles to find an antidote before she succumbs to enslavement. At the same time, she’s desperate to save Dorsit, a Leopard Clan wizard whose youth and magic has been stolen by a murderous wizard on a rampage. As Kira’s homeland is invaded by bloodthirsty legions, she flees across the country in a bid to reach the Mirrum Mountain nymphs and a legendary cure. Hunted by shadow hounds, an army of Cyclopes, and an evil jinn, will her wits and skill as a warrior be enough to survive?

The Last Great Wizard of Yden

Jon Hansen always thought his father’s tLGWOTCOVERCONCEPT4ales about the magical planet of Yden were fiction. When his father is kidnapped by an evil wizard, however, Jon is forced to dig deeper. His investigation uncovers magical artifacts that will unlock another dimension–if only he can gather his courage to make the journey. On his quest to Yden, Jon encounters wizards, Cyclopes, and a warlord who seem to want him dead. Fortunately, he’s got friends by his side, as well as the ability to draw things to life. Can he and his friends defeat the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known, or will Jon become the latest addition to the Wolf Clan wizard’s gruesome collection of trophies?

Dragon Clan of Yden

DCOYCOVERSGRFinal4As Jon’s formal magical training begins, his budding romantic attraction to Kira jeopardizes his relationship with Brett. At the same time, the Dragon Clan is bringing the Earth-born children of Yden’s wizards back home. Unfortunately, the Fox Clan has also been recruiting these teen wizards for its own sinister plans. The mysterious Guinn of the Fox Clan is searching for a weapon known as the Portal Key and is more than willing to kill for it. Jon becomes increasingly desperate and reckless in his quest to thwart the Fox Clan, but he discovers–too late–his enemy is closer than he thinks.

Secrets of Yden

As Jon begins his senior year in high school, he and his friends are focused on the future. soysgrcvr2Unfortunately, a past skirmish on Yden is still having repercussions. Bailey of the Shark Clan is out for revenge, and he has secret support on the Executive Council. Worse, time is stopping on Earth for increasingly long intervals, and only Jon is unaffected. Unfortunately, the search for answers uncovers an ancient prophecy that seemingly spells his doom.