About Suzanne G. Rogers


Originally from Southern California, Suzanne G. Rogers has also lived in Asheville, North Carolina and Laurel, Mississippi. Currently residing in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, Suzanne writes sweet historical romance, fantasy, and romantic fantasy stories.  She’s owned by a hairless cat, Houdini, and lives on an island populated by exotic birds, deer and the occasional gator. Tab is her beverage of choice, but when she imbibes, a cranberry vodka martini doesn’t go amiss.


My Books

For a complete list of books by me, check out my Amazon author page HERE. Current active titles include:

Historical Romance: Lady Fallows’ Secrets, Spinster, The Mannequin, Grace Unmasked, The Star-Crossed Seamstress, A Chance of Rayne, Larken, Lord Apollo & the Colleen, Ruse & Romance, Rake & Romance, The Ice Captain’s Daughter, Duke of a Gilded Age, Jessamine’s Folly, the Victorian Christmas novelette, A Gift for Lara, and its longer sequel, A Gift for Fiona.

Young Adult Fantasy Adventure: The Dragon Rider’s Daughter, Dani & the Immortals, Tournament of Chance: Dragon RebelThe Last Great Wizard of Yden, Dragon Clan of Yden, and Secrets of Yden.

Romantic Fantasy Novelettes/Novellas: Magical Misperception, Whimsical Tendencies, and Clash of Wills.

All of my work is ‘sweet,’ (as in little overt sexual content and PG language).


List of Favorite Movies (as they occur to me): Airplane! • The Three Musketeers/ The Four Musketeers – Michael York version (sigh) • Princess Bride • Oliver!Oklahoma! • Anything directed by Hayao Miyazaki • Star Trek (J.J. Abrams version) • The Great EscapeWhite NightsBattlestar Galactica (miniseries) • RED • Captain America • 2012 • That Thing You Do!La Femme Nikita (Anne Parillaud) • Hunger Games • The Eiger SanctionMoonstruck BattleshipGuardians of the Galaxy

More to follow…

List of Favorite Authors (as they occur to me):  Diana Wynne Jones, Jonathan Stroud, Anne McCaffrey, Charles Dickens, L.M. Montgomery, Mark Twain, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Charlotte Bronte, C.S. Lewis, Ursula K. LeGuin, Theodore Dreiser…

More to follow…

List of Favorite Books (as they occur to me): Great Expectations, A Separate Peace, Sister Carrie, The Dragonriders of Pern, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, The Chrestomanci Series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Howl’s Moving Castle, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Atlas Shrugged, The Wind in the Willows

List of Favorite TV programs: Original Star Trek series, Original La Femme Nikita (with Peta Wilson), Jericho

I’m now on Pinterest, HERE.

My Sphynx cat…


My baby (when he was about two)

10 thoughts on “About Suzanne G. Rogers”

  1. The Great Escape is one of my all-time favorites.
    As is 3 Musketeers.
    Red, if the film with Bruce Willis & Helen Mirren, was very good, but I couldn’t call it a favorite.


  2. I just discovered you today. Shame on me. Then I discovered you reside in my hometown of Savannah, and I fell in love! Off to Amazon to buy your books! Keep them coming! I used to sing Oklahoma to my mom when I was a child and she would roll laughing. Guess people have to get their laughs where they can.


  3. Greetings!

    Pleased to meet you, Ms. Rogers! I see we both share a penchant for the fantastical (as well as cats). Also, I agree that the “Goblet of Fire” was the best of the Harry Potter books. 🙂

    Have a brilliant week~

    Rachel Hunter


  4. I can see where you draw your sense of humor from now that I see your authors list. You have a bit of Mark Twain and Dickens in your writing I think. I’ve always liked those two.


  5. Hi S.G. , that’s the same way I often get addressed,( S.G.) !! Love your back drop on the web page..Charles Dickens ‘ David Copperfield is my favorite book.. I chose it as school prize more than 50 years ago !! ( I’m 116 now ! Have a great week …:):)


    1. From one S.G. to another, it’s nice to meet you! Thanks for the compliment on the backdrop. I change my backdrop frequently, and this sword-in-stone photo is new. I like it too!


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