Facing Family Life Head-On • Guest Post by Author Juli D. Revezzo

When You Have to Face Your Family History Head-On

by Juli D. Revezzo

Family life, huh? It can be a pain, and a joy. Sometimes, it’s a mystery. In the Antique Magic series, Caitlin has taken a long path to get where she and her husband are, starting out bombarded by the horrors of home ownership, dealing with things of a the paranormal kind that you and I (probably) never will face, she’s seen a lot of its different faces from imps, to ghosts, to (egads!l) dragons.  Now fully settled into such a life, little bumps in the night are mere annoyances. Her biggest obstacle is navigating her small business, her college degree, making her next coven meeting on time, and *gasp*  family life.

This final item has been the largest question looming over Caitlin’s head all these years. How did she and her family get sucked into all this paranormal nonsense?

I knew I’d have to answer that question soon, so wanted to tackle it in this: Witch’s Wood, the new, seventh book in the series. To do so, I went back to something I’ve loved for years: The addition of an antique, magical map and set of knitting needles seemed the perfect catalyst. A map—because I am a sucker for old maps—and knitting needles, because did you know knitting is one of the oldest “domestic” crafts in the world? The dates are disputed, but I found a reference for something called nalbinding that’s similar to knitting as early as the 200s BCE. Map making is even older. The first map was set down perhaps as far back as 6000 BCE (one source I found said 25,000 BCE!)

 The answer? Something Cait and Trevor never could’ve dreamed when they were baby witches. 😉 Something that may give them the peace and answer to their family mystery, once and for all—or unravel everything they’ve worked for.


Caitlin and Trevor inherit a set of enchanted knitting needles, needles that tangle them in another supernatural yarn. Yet the acquisition has freed their most hated enemy and he wants the needles as much as they do. But why are they so important to him? The clues may serve to solve their family’s long-standing mystery. Or lead them right into his clutches.

Can the couple cast off this twisted enigma or will their inheritance unravel their lives?

If you’d like to find out the details, Witch’s Wood is available now at Amazon as is the entire series.

Thanks for having me today, Suzanne!


Juli D. Revezzo loves fantasy and Celtic mythology and writing stories with all kinds of fantastical elements. She is the author of Witch’s Wood and Dragon’s Seamstress, part of the Antique Magic paranormal series, the historical romances, the Camden Girls series, House of Dark Envy, the fantasy Gothic romance Lady of the Tarot, and much more. She is also a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.

Author’s Website and blog: https://julidrevezzo.com/

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(*wood or bone)

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    1. Thank you for this post, Juli, and I wish you the best of luck with this new release! Finishing a series is a great achievement.

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