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#Free • The Dragon Rider’s Daughter

All this week, from Monday, February 19 – Friday, February 23, The Dragon Rider’s Daughter is a free Kindle download.

drdcoveridea6smallAfter dragon jockey Wynn Westerfield loses his career, health, and wealth due to a wizard, he forbids his daughter, Minna, from studying magic. Although she manages to carry on secretly, her life becomes even more of a struggle when her mother dies. On the brink of adulthood, she’s offered the chance to track down the wizard responsible for her misery. Unfortunately, she’ll be forced to reveal her powers to the world.

Evan Valentine has attended a prestigious magical academy on scholarship, although he’s cleverly managed to conceal the fact from everyone. He’s on the fast track to success—until he discovers he owes a debt that can never be repaid.

Minna and Evan don’t realize it yet, but their destinies have been intertwined for years. Once the truth is known, they’ll be forced to choose between revenge…or each other.


Download your copy HERE.

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Releasing Books into the Wild


It’s a big, wide world outside of Amazon, and I’m slowly letting my fantasy books fly free to e-book stores everywhere. So far, Tournament of Chance: Dragon Rebel, Dani & the Immortals, and Magical Misperception have ventured out into the wild. Next up will be Whimsical Tendencies (February 14th), Clash of Wills (February 18th), and The Dragon Rider’s Daughter (March 7th).

Click on the book covers, below, for the universal links, and happy reading!

dec2017DRcoverFIf Heather wins the Tournament of Chance, she’ll be the first commoner to earn a place at court. Instead of a glorious victory, however, she’s arrested and marked for execution. After a daring escape, she joins the Dragon Rebels, who seek to overthrow the despotic monarchy and restore the former kingdom of Ormaria. Amongst the rebels are three shape-shifting wizards who claim to be rulers from the past. On a perilous quest to free the wizards’ magic, Heather battles wild dragons, vicious predators, angry trolls, and unexpected traitors. When a horrendous accident sends her back in time to fulfill a mysterious prophecy, she must rely on her warrior skills, wits, and endurance to survive.


Daninewdec2017From television star to inter-dimensional traveler, will Dani manage to find her way back home with her heart intact?

After Dani is kidnapped by Odin’s Ravens and taken to Asgard, she becomes enmeshed in a quarrel between immortals. Worse, when the theft of a magical artifact becomes an explosive political debacle, accusations of blame turn her into an outlaw. To avert disaster–and to save the man she’s come to love–she must undertake a dangerous quest involving ogres, dark fairies, and underworld criminals. Ultimately, however, she’ll have to defy Odin himself.


MMFINALSCYoung Prince Lee can’t talk to girls at all until he meets Jona Haever. His aunt, Queen Gaia, invites Jona to the castle for the summer to help Lee practice social graces. Although Her Majesty makes it clear Jona is no better than a servant, Jona and Lee become best friends. When the summer comes to a close, the two continue to correspond through a pair of magical boxes conjured by the Wizard Farland. Nine years later, Jona and Lee are closer than ever, but any romantic feelings between them are forbidden by law. Are the differences between a prince and a commoner too large to overcome, or are they just a matter of magical misperception?


The Last Great Wizard of Yden (3rd Edition) • #Free

For his sixteenth birthday, all Jon wanted were the keys to the family car. Instead, he got a lousy magic ring…LGWOY

Yup, it’s free on Amazon, Tuesday, January 2nd and Wednesday, January 3rd only. This is the 3rd edition of The Last Great Wizard of Yden, which incorporates the prequel as well as the original novel. So download your free copy HERE and curl up with a good dragon.

~ Suzanne


New Covers • The Yden Trilogy


Time for a new look for a dragontastic series! The Yden Collection contains all three books in the trilogy, plus two Yden short stories, Ran and The Temporary Wizard of Locklynn.

The Last Great Wizard of Yden has been reconfigured to contain the prequel as well as the original novel, in Parts I and II.

All he wanted for his birthday were the keys to the car, but instead he got a lousy magic ring.

For Jon Hansen, his to-do list is growing ever longer. First and foremost, he has to rescue his father from the evil wizard who has kidnapped him to another dimension. Secondly, he must master the magical powers that allow him to draw things to life. Third, he must bring dragons back to Yden. Fourth, he has to pass his California driver’s license test. Unfortunately, the magical world of Yden is in turmoil, with a bloodthirsty warlord determined to rule the former Nomad Territory, and danger lurking around every corner. Can Jon accomplish his objectives, all while starting a new school?

(Part I )After Kira is poisoned by an enemy, the fiercely independent young warrior will eventually succumb to enslavement unless she finds a cure. At the same time, she’s desperate to save Dorsit, a Leopard Clan wizard whose life energy has been drained by Efysian, a murderous wizard on a rampage. As Kira’s homeland is invaded by bloodthirsty legions, she flees across the country in a bid to reach a legendary cure.

(Part II) Seeking to feed his addiction to life energy, Efysian of the Wolf Clan travels across dimensions to kidnap Jon’s father–a Dragon Clan wizard who fled to Earth. Although Jon vows to mount a rescue, he’s woefully unprepared to do battle. Can a high school kid from California survive long enough to outwit the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known, or will Efysian add the young Dragon Clan wizard to his gruesome collection of trophies?

Dragon Clan of Yden

As Jon’s formal magical training begins, his budding romantic attraction to Kira jeopardizes his relationship with Brett. At the same time, the Dragon Clan is bringing the Earth-born children of Yden’s wizards back home. Unfortunately, the Fox Clan has also been recruiting these teen wizards for its own sinister plans. The mysterious Guinn of the Fox Clan is searching for a weapon known as the Portal Key and is more than willing to kill for it. Jon becomes increasingly desperate and reckless in his quest to thwart the Fox Clan, but he discovers—too late—his enemy is closer than he thinks.

Secrets of Yden

As Jon begins his final year in high school, he and his friends are focused on the future. Unfortunately, a past skirmish on Yden is still having repercussions. Bailey of the Shark Clan is out for revenge, and he has secret support on the Executive Council. Worse, time is stopping on Earth for increasingly long intervals, and only Jon is unaffected. Unfortunately, the search for answers uncovers an ancient prophecy that spells his doom.


For now, the Yden Collection and all three e-books in the trilogy are in the KU program, so members can read them for free. To buy, click the e-book titles to go to Amazon. (Psst…The Yden Collection is discounted from the cost of purchasing all three titles separately).

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