Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Dwarves, the Go-To Guys

If a dwarf in Norse mythology could play any character in modern movies, he would play Q from the James Bond films.  Q was responsible for providing Bond with a myriad of marvelous spy technology and wondrous inventions.  (Mood music HERE). Similarly, when the gods of the Norse Pantheon wanted some fantastic object custom-made, they knew whom to call.

One of the coolest dwarf-made toys is a ship made by the Sons of Ivaldi for Freyr.  Skidbladnir was known as the best of ships and nifty-keen because of its ability to be folded up like a napkin and stored in a pocket.  When unfolded, however, it was large enough to hold all the gods complete with their weapons of war.  Its sails always found a good wind and therefore Skidbladnir could be navigated anywhere.

Q would have been jealous.

~ S.G. Rogers


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7 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Dwarves, the Go-To Guys”

  1. Dwarves like Q. That is so original, great, and true that I’m all shades of jealous that i didn’t write or think of that. Well done!


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