Sunday Snippet – Cypher by S.G. Rogers

The tunnel up ahead was caved in and impassable. Cypher’s shoulders slumped.

“I-I don’t know any other way around.”

“We passed a lot of other passageways,” Joss said.

“I don’t know where they lead. I always stayed in the main tunnel so I wouldn’t get lost. Joss, perhaps we should go back.”



“I hear something.”

“What do you hear?”

“A ringing.”

“The air isn’t that good, Joss. I imagine your ears are ringing.”

“No, it’s like a bell.”

Cypher cocked her head to listen. Moments later her eyes grew wide. “I hear it too! Do you
think there could be somebody else down here?”

“I don’t know, but it’s getting closer.”

Joss put his arm around Cypher and held her tight. Someone or something was approaching,and they were trapped in a dead end.

Cypher, a romantic fantasy novella by S.G. Rogers

Although she has no memories before the quake that destroyed the kingdom of Augury, Cypher McCall holds a steadfast hatred of the repressive Cauldian regime now ruling the country. Because her magical gifts are deemed subversive, she does her best to avoid detection. Unfortunately for Cypher, however, she’s too beautiful to ignore. After a Cauldian contingent arrives in her hometown, a chance encounter leaves her repulsed by the arrogant Prince Ewan and attracted to his distant cousin, Lord Joss.

When she learns Prince Ewan plans to tear down the ruins of nearby Castle Augur, Cypher vows to stop him. Although handsome Lord Joss tries to protect her from his vindictive cousin, Cypher can’t bring herself to trust the enemy. At the same time, nightmares and dreams nudge her toward reclaiming childhood memories. She stumbles on a silver key that she hopes will unlock her past, but first she must confront a long repressed horror at the Castle Augur ruins.

Can Cypher evade Prince Ewan long enough to recover her memories? Is Lord Joss all that he seems or is his charm a ruse to ensnare the unwary? Finally, will the knowledge of her true identity tear Cypher apart or empower her to restore everything she ever loved?

Buy: Amazon (Kindle format), MuseItUp Publishing (all e-formats)


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