The Last Great Wizard of Yden Excerpt

Excerpt from The Last Great Wizard of Yden:

He stood in a large, dimly lit cave. Long stalactites streamed down
from the ceiling, and towering stalagmites thrust up from the floor of the chamber. The walls of rock surrounding him were embedded with iridescent crystals shining with reflected light. The place struck Jon as beautiful, but he felt apprehensive. With a sense of foreboding, he searched for the source of the shimmering light, hidden among the forest of rock and mineral formations.

As he wound his way past clusters of stalagmites, his foot
dislodged a fist-­‐‑sized raw diamond that skittered off into the shadows.
Suddenly Jon spied a column of bluish light in an open space. He darted
toward it but accidentally skidded on a pile of loose crystals. When he fell,
jagged gemstones lacerated the soft skin of his palms. Blood welled up in
the wounds, and as he struggled to his feet, red droplets flowed down his
trembling, throbbing fingers and splashed to the stone floor. Emerging
into the open space at last, Jon saw a man, rigid and immobile, imprisoned
in the column of light. The man’s eyes were closed—as if in death. Jon’s
heart thudded inside his chest and horror spread through his veins as he
stared into the man’s face.


Jon stretched his blood‑soaked hands into the bluish light and his
wounds began to close. He knew, somehow, his father had healed him.
“Thanks, Dad,” he whispered, his voice choked with emotion. “I’ll find a
way to rescue you.”

Suddenly a feral growling came from the shadows. Startled, Jon shrank back as a huge black wolf leaped from the darkness, its cruel fangs aiming for his throat…

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