Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Valhalla

Although there’s no sorting hat in Norse mythology, dead folks ARE separated into categories.  Those that die an inglorious death go to Helheim.  Among fallen warriors, the Valkyries lead half to Valhalla. The rest go to Fólkvangr to hang out with the goddess Freyja.

Valhalla is Odin’s realm.  Located in Asgard, the “hall of the slain” is quite a swanky destination.  Vast enough to house legions of heroes, the roof is covered with golden shields. Food is abundant, but the menu seems to be somewhat limited.  The goat Heidrún produces an unlimited supply of mead and a boar named Sæhrímnir is slaughtered for its meat. Like a nightmare version of the movie Groundhog Day, poor Sæhrímnir is brought back to life each morning to be killed and eaten for dinner.

The residents of Valhalla, known as the einherjar, don’t lack for recreation either.  After donning war gear, these intrepid souls go out into the courtyard and practice fighting every day. They are expected to pitch in to fight for Odin when the ultimate battle, Ragnarök rolls around.

Valkyries pull double duty as waitpersons in Valhalla.  Rumor has it that the working conditions in Valhalla are good, but the tips are terrible.  ~ S.G. Rogers


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