Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Baldur

Baldur was a popular fellow, and his good reputation was well deserved.  Handsome, smart, and well mannered, his very aura screamed star quality. Baldur, Odin’s second son, was one of the good guys.

Only the good die young, it seems.

As it so happens, Baldur and his mother Frigga both dreamed about his death.  Understandably freaked out, Frigga went around making everything and everyone promise not to harm her boy.

EXCEPT for most harmless of plants…mistletoe.

Because of his mother’s hard work on his behalf, Baldur became like the god of steel. Loki uncovered the loophole, of course, and fashioned a spear of mistletoe.  He brought it over to a party, where the gods were playing a fun new game called Bounce Stuff Off SuperBaldur.

What could go wrong?

Loki thought it would be a hoot to press the spear into the hands of Baldur’s blind half-brother, Hodur.  Poor hapless Hodur launched the mistletoe at Baldur.  As a result, the party ended early.

Word of advice…next time, try a piñata.

~ S.G. Rogers


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