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Crowned Heart Award for Children of Yden!

20The March issue of InD’Tale Magazine just came out, and the reviewer gave my fantasy adventure novel Children of Yden a marvelous review.  In fact, my book was awarded the Crowned Heart for excellence!  The full review is HERE, but the following is a quote:

“In a very Percy Jackson meets wizardry sort of tale, this book goes from the high fantasy adventure of the first book to more collecting wizards and fighting for good in the sequel. Due to the large number of characters and events alluded to but not explained or reintroduced in the second book, readers should definitely read the first book before picking this one up, but it will be worth the time. It is a solid tale good for children, young adults, and adults alike, readers will find themselves hoping Dorsit shows up at their houses with a clan ring and whisks them off to Yden to see the magical landscape and cool creatures that seem to abound… Well done!”

A big thank you to InD’tale Magazine, from me!valentine74

~ S.G. Rogers



Jon materialized on Dragon Isle beach, far enough from the tree house not to be heard. If his grandfather had retired earlyChildrenofYden 200x300, the noise of a transport near the vanyean tree might disturb him. Yden’s two moons cast some illumination, but he knew the route so well he could have found his way in the dark. In addition, Ophelia’s glow cast all the light he needed.

As he trudged up the beach and into the garden, a crushing sense of loneliness descended. I wish Casey and Fred were here. They could dig a fire pit in front of the bungalow and have some late night laughs. But there wasn’t a fire pit and Jon had no one on the island to talk to. He couldn’t envision yukking it up with Max, especially after the way he’d zeroed in on Brett tonight.

The heat-­sensitive statues were still radiating the warmth of the day and glowed eerily in the dark. Suddenly he saw a human
shape dart past the dragon statue. At the same time, Ophelia started to sting. Jon crouched behind a tree and counted several more bodies passing by — five in all. The intruders were heading for the vanyean tree, but Jon knew a shortcut. He slipped through a break in a hedge and practically flew to the bungalow. Max was snoring, but he woke with a start when Jon clapped a hand over his mouth.

“Shhh,” Jon whispered. “We got trouble outside. There are five hostile wizards in the garden and they’re heading this way.”

Children of Yden (Sequel to The Last Great Wizard of Yden)

Available for the Kindle at Amazon, for the Nook at BN.com and in all e-formats at Astraea Press.