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Doodling Dragons

Excerpt from iBookBuzz nominated YA fantasy The Last Great Wizard of Yden

When class began, the history teacher, Mr. Dace, droned on and on about the curriculum, policies, and procedures. After fifteen minutes, Jon started to tune out. He opened his binder and lost himself in a detailed drawing of a dragon.
“We’re going to end our semester with a field trip to the Tri-­County Museum,” Mr. Dace said.
The classroom erupted with excited chatter.
“Many of you will see this as a chance to goof off,” Mr. Dace continued. “But you will be writing a term paper on one of the exhibits.”
Mr. Dace strolled up and down the aisles as he spoke. He paused at Jon’s shoulder just as he was drawing a beautiful plume of smoke rising from the nostril of a dragon. Unfortunately, Jon was oblivious to the teacher’s presence.
“Doodling dragons is no way to get through life, Mr. Hansen,” Mr. Dace said.
Jon’s head snapped up. The entire class was watching, including Brett and Fred. Brett’s expression was unreadable, but Fred was licking his chops as if he couldn’t wait to eat him for lunch. Jon hoped his face wouldn’t explode from the blood rushing to his cheeks.
“Sorry,” he mumbled.
His classmates snickered. Mr. Dace went on to pass out the syllabus and first assignment. After the lunch bell rang, Jon felt like slinking off somewhere and melting into a hole. His book bag was jammed under his desk, and he bent to retrieve it. When he straightened up, he was startled to see Brett waiting for him.
“Hi,” she said. “You probably don’t remember me, but we met at the mall.”
“Oh, yes, I do.” He attempted to sound casual. “Nice to see you.”
She examined his drawing. “That’s a great dragon. Maybe you could draw one for me sometime?”
“Anytime.” Anytime at all, he thought.

For his sixteenth birthday, all Jon wanted were the keys to the family car. Instead, he got a lousy magic ring…

Artistic prodigy Jon Hansen yearns to fit in, but when he stumbles onto a supernatural kidnapping, his life changes forever.  Unfortunately, his search for answers uncovers a magical secret—one that makes Jon a danger to everyone around him.

The Wolf Clan wizard Efysian has been draining the magic from Yden. On a quest for eternal power, he’s willing to kill to feed his addiction.  To harness the ultimate source of energy, he travels to Earth.  This time, however, he has a persistent witness to his crime.

Can Jon survive long enough to outwit the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known?  Or will Efysian add the young wizard to his gruesome collection of trophies?

The Last Great Wizard of Yden, a full length fantasy novel. E-book available now through Astraea Press, Amazon, BN.com and other fine outlets ($2.99 MSRP). Now available as a trade paperback too! (HERE)

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You’re Nothing But A Sister!

Sibling relationships can run the gamut from best friends to worst enemies.  When a brother and sister stick together, however, their bond has a universal appeal—particularly when faced with fantastic circumstances.  In The Last Great Wizard of Yden, 16-year-old Jon and his little sister Sela, 11, have their rough moments. But when the chili hits the cheese, they are there for one another.


Jon crammed a handful of hot, crispy, seasoned fries into his mouth. Sela took a pull on her chocolate malt, dejected.

“I can’t believe Mom is still going to sell the house,” she moped. “Dad’s not coming back, is he?” The last part was more of a statement than a question.

“He is if I can help it,” Jon replied, licking his fingers.

Sela gave him a sharp look. “Do you know something I don’t?”

“Not yet, but I think it’s all tied in with Ophelia.”


“My ring.”

“Your ring’s got a name?”

“Never mind,” Jon said. “Mom knows about Yden, I’m certain of it.”

“So you believe me?”

“I do now. Look, Sela, Mom is trying to protect me by taking Ophelia away. I don’t know how much longer I can put her off. I need time to contact Dad’s foster parents. They might have some information that would help me.”

“Help you do what?” she asked.

“Figure out how to get to Yden.”

Sela gasped. “What if you can’t get home, Jon? What if you get stuck there, like Dad?”

“I overheard Mom tell Chaz that Dad has returned from Yden before,” Jon said. “When I find Dad and bring him back with me, it’ll be worth the risk. You have to get Mom out of the house this afternoon.”

“Okay, I’ll tell her I need to go shopping.”

“That’ll work.”

Sela grabbed Jon’s wrist. “Don’t go to Yden without telling me.”

“I won’t,” Jon promised.

Of course, that’s what Dad promised Mom, and look how that worked out, he thought.

You see, Jon has witnessed the kidnapping of his father under extraordinary circumstances and no one but his precocious sister seems to believe him.  Sela helps Jon in his quest to learn the truth, thereby revealing the love these two kids have for one another. As an author, it’s been really rewarding to discover how interested readers are in Jon’s little sister. They are hoping for more of her story in the sequels.  I believe it’s because we’d all like to have someone in our corner, no matter what.  As Berlioz sputters in The AristoCats, “You’re nothing but a sister!” In The Last Great Wizard of Yden, however, that’s a very good thing.

~  S.G. Rogers

After his father is kidnapped, sixteen-year-old Jon stumbles across a closely guarded family secret–one that will challenge everything he has ever believed about his father and himself. A magical ring his father leaves behind unlocks a portal to another dimension, but in using it, Jon unwittingly unchains the forces of evil. A crisis develops when a malevolent wizard transports to Earth to kidnap Jon’s would-be girlfriend. With the help of some unlikely schoolmates, and a warrior princess from Yden, Jon embarks on a dangerous quest to free his friend and his father from the most vicious wizard the magical world has ever known. In the end, Jon will be forced to fight for his life as he attempts to rescue the last great wizard of Yden.

$2.99 e-book at Astraea Press, Amazon, or BN.com.

Piggyback ride: © Molly Williams | Dreamstime.com

“The Last Great Wizard of Yden” – Release Day!

Today is release day for The Last Great Wizard of Yden!  Available at Astraea Press,  Amazon & BN.com.  Here is an excerpt:

“Where did you get that Dragon Clan ring, boy?” Warlord Mandral demanded.

“None of your business.”

The congregants gasped, and Jon’s reply earned him a smack on the head from the nearest cygard. Mandral, however, acted as if he hadn’t heard him. He beckoned to the man with the scroll. “Minister Tyrg, what is the charge against this prisoner?”

“Theft,” Tyrg said. His voice sounded almost like the hiss of a snake. “Merchant Moala has filed a claim for the cuff.”

Stig pulled up Jon’s sleeve to reveal the transporter cuff.

“Moala is an accomplished liar. His claim is denied,” Mandral said.

Jon sighed with relief, but his deliverance was short-lived.

“Take the ring and the cuff,” the warlord said. “Then whip the boy for his insolence.”

Ophelia’s eyes remained dull, and Jon was beginning to panic.

Stig caressed his ax. “The ring and cuff cannot be removed.”

Mandral exchanged a sharp glance with Tyrg. “Is this the ancient magic of inseparability?”

Tyrg shook his head in confusion. “A wizard becomes one with his clan ring and transporter cuff, yes. But there are few wizards left, and none of them have apprentices.”

The warlord studied Jon’s features. He tugged Ophelia to confirm the ring would not leave Jon’s finger. “Who are you?”

“No one in particular. I’m not from around here,” Jon replied.

With practiced speed and agility, Mandral unsheathed a thin dagger strapped to his thigh and pointed it at the hollow of Jon’s throat. “That’s not what I asked.”

Jon felt the razor-sharp tip pierce his skin. He had no doubt the blade had meted out its share of death. He gulped. “Jon. Jon Hansen.”

A sudden commotion distracted Mandral from slitting Jon’s throat. A struggle had erupted between a newly arrived prisoner and the cygard holding him captive. Half a dozen cygards descended, but Mandral forbade them from intervention. The prisoner, covered from head to toe in a green hooded cape, was besting his captor. The cygard staggered up the chamber from a well-placed sidekick to his ribs. Then, the prisoner twisted in the air to slam a nimble hook kick to the cygard’s head. The cygard’s helmet flew off, revealing his ugly face. Audibly disgusted, the onlookers averted their eyes until the fallen cygard managed to get his now-dented helmet back on.

Mandral laughed in delight. He directed the hovering cygards to subdue the prisoner and tie his tether on the ring next to Jon’s. The dented cygard yanked off the prisoner’s cape and stepped back. The crowd murmured.

The newcomer was female, and a stunning one at that. Her full, waist-length hair was a wavy chestnut with red highlights. Her eyes were a violet color, and her skin was a golden tan. Despite his own predicament, Jon flushed. He couldn’t help but stare. From the expressions of the other men in the room, he knew he wasn’t the only one.