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Prequel to the Yden Trilogy!

Kiracover8-CRMI’d like to announce the release of my Yden prequel KIRA, which shines the spotlight on Kira Szul, the Nomad princess who figures prominently in the Yden trilogy.


Although Nomad princess Kira has trained all her young life to be a warrior, she begins to yearn for something more. She unwittingly stumbles onto a plot to invade Nomad Territory, but not before being poisoned with a potion that makes her a slave to her enemy. Although she manages to blunt the worst effects, she’s never free of her obsession for the handsome warlord who seeks to make her his bride. Can she find an antidote for the incurable poison running through her veins, or is she destined to become the enraptured wife of a wicked conqueror?

pagebreakAt the same time, I’ve revised and released The Last Great Wizard of Yden, and added a bonus Yden short story in the back, called Ran! The novel has a re-imagined cover too, so it’s all shiny new for the dragon fans among us. Enjoy! ~ S.G. Rogers


Jon Hansen always thought his father’s tales about the magical planet of Yden were fiction. When his father is kidnapped by an evil wizard, however, Jon is forced to dig deeper. His investigation uncovers magical artifacts that will unlock another dimension—if only he can gather his courage to make the journey. On his quest to Yden, Jon encounters wizards, Cyclopes, and a warlord who seem to want him dead. Fortunately, he’s got friends by his side, as well as the ability to draw things to life. Can he and his friends defeat the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known, or will Jon become the latest addition to the Wolf Clan wizard’s gruesome collection of trophies?


are both available at Amazon.