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Author Snack Snafus

Italian candy shopAlthough I try not to keep junk food in the house, sometimes I get a little desperate for a sugary snack while writing. Okay, perhaps very desperate would be more accurate. I roam the kitchen looking for some kind of fix. In my younger days,  several spoonfuls of canned frosting was my go-to snack. I found a bag of cinnamon candy in the spice cupboard once…the kind you bake into cupcakes and cookies. So what if it was three years past its expiration date? It still tasted okay, and I was very desperate. It’s sort of like the five-second rule that applies whenever you drop anything tasty on the floor. When you’re that desperate, you check for mold and bugs, say a little prayer, and then have at it.

My latest snack snafu involves honey-sweetened oat cereal. I saw the box and I imagined myself contentedly munching on handfuls of dry cereal. What a great idea! What could go wrong? So I filled an empty yogurt container (2 pound size) with a quantity of the stuff and sat down at my computer. I quickly discovered honey-sweetened oat cereal is indeed a delightful snack. Quick and easy. Provides great chewing action, like popcorn but without the annoying husks. You can go through a lot of it, but with such a large container you have a snack-on-tap.

© Kutt Niinepuu | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Back to the snafu part.  What I failed to take into consideration is the amount of fiber this oat cereal possesses. It’s like each little circle is a tiny colon scrub pad, just waiting to go to work. Probably a half-cup of the stuff is enough to keep things moving along properly.  More than that is a foolish indulgence that will come back to haunt you. I am reminded of a Phil Hartman Saturday Night Live commercial from the 80s. It was a riff on all the marketing hype surrounding fiber:


‘Nuff said.  Word to the wise.

Have you ever had any snacks that have come back to bite you?  Leave a comment and we’ll chew on it a while.  ~ S.G. Rogers