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Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Thor and Loki in Drag

The goddess Freyja was truly a lovely lass.  In fact, the king of the giants, Thrymr, was so enamored of her that he devised a sure-fire scheme to lure Freyja into matrimony.  The poem Thrymskvida details how he stole Thor’s hammer, planning to trade it to the gods for Freyja’s hand in marriage.

Nothing screams ‘romance’ like extortion.

To retrieve Mjölnir, Thor and Loki worked together in a sting operation.  Thor posed in a bridal gown, Loki dressed as his bridesmaid, and they traveled to Thrymr’s kingdom in Jötunheimr for the nuptials.

Thrymr’s reception for his fiancée was a sumptuous affair.  Although the giants became suspicious when Thor chowed down a whole ox, quick-thinking Loki explained the bride hadn’t eaten for over a week due to marital jitters. He further accounted for the bride’s scary eyes by pointing out she hadn’t managed a wink of sleep either.

The giants bought it.  What can I say? Love is blind.

At last the time arrived to exchange wedding gifts.  When the jötnar presented Mjölnir to Thor…well, let’s just say it wasn’t wedding cake lovingly smashed into Thrymr’s face.

One. Giant. Mistake.

~ S.G. Rogers


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