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Aegean Intrigue Interview! Mystery on the Greek Island of Paros


I’m here with author Patricia Kiyono and her main character, Francine Vasileiou, of Aegean IntriguePatty has graciously offered to give away a digital copy of her novella, so leave a comment below for a chance to win!  The winner will be selected just before midnight, EST, on Friday, March 23rd.  Good luck! ~ S.G. Rogers

Back Cover Blurb: Someone has been stealing priceless Greek artifacts and it’s Alex Leonidis’ job to uncover the thief. His prime suspect is beautiful archaeological graduate student, Francie Vasileiou. His plan is to join in an archaeological dig and catch her in the act. All he has to do is keep his mind on his job, and not on the way his lovely suspect warms his heart. He’s learned the hard way not to trust fragile-looking women who seem to need his help.

Francie wants to get her PhD and become an archaeologist, like her famous father. The sudden invitation to participate in a dig on the beautiful Greek island of Paros is a wonderful opportunity. She has no time for distractions like Alex, the handsome Project Director. Experience has taught her to stay clear of handsome, charismatic Greek men.

On the shores of the Aegean Sea, Alex and Francie work together, searching for treasures from Greece’s past. While pursuing their goals, they discover some of the truths they had believed to be carved in stone may have been flawed.

Welcome, ladies! Thank you for coming to chat with us today. Let’s talk to Francine first.  Francine, why do you think Patty choose you to represent her?

I think it’s because she thinks I’m a lot like her. Her parents aren’t famous, but I’ve traveled a lot, like she has. She’s also spent a lot of her life in schools, and she doesn’t have a lot of patience with people who don’t put forth the effort to do a good job.

So you’re a world traveler?  Tell us more!

I think I’m your average college student, really. I’ve always loved going on digs all over the world with my father, and in order to do that as a career I need to get my PhD in archaeology. I’ve spent a lot of time in Montreal with my mom’s parents and in Greece with my father’s family, and I went to college in LA, so I feel like I have three homes.

Wow. Tell us where you live and what draws you there?

I’ve lived in lots of places, but right now I’m going to school in Athens. This is where my father used to teach, and I wanted to earn my PhD here. And Professor Theo, my father’s friend, was here.

Is there anything you wish Patty had kept her mouth shut about?

I suppose the whole mess about why my parents aren’t a part of my life any more. That’s kind of humiliating, and it makes me sad because I still love both my parents.

Tell us about Alex. What drew you to him?

He’s a very dynamic personality. He’s a leader, but he’s also a good listener.

What really pushes your buttons?

Incompetence. Laziness. So many times I wanted to smack Yannis. Not only did he not know what he was doing, he waited around for someone else to do things, or for someone to tell him to do it.

What’s your perfect day…and why?

Digging in the dirt until I find something left from an ancient civilization. Sharing it with the people around me. Being able to learn something about the world that the user of that artifact lived in.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear would be to give my heart to someone who will crush it again. That’s already happened with my parents, and with Leandros (my college boyfriend), and I don’t think I could survive it another time.

Thank you Francine!  Now, Patty, it’s your turn.  Why should readers be interested in Aegean Intrigue?

I went to Greece in the spring of 2008. As part of her degree in writing, my youngest daughter did a Study Abroad program on the sunny island of Paros. Of course I HAD to visit—just to make sure she was okay, you understand. My husband is not a traveler, so I talked a good friend into going with me. I was in awe of the living history there and the way it is incorporated into every day life. The people there KNOW their history and are willing to share it with everyone.

I can’t say that I’ve always had an interest in archaeology, but I’m a history buff, and digging for artifacts is part of that. Of course, visiting the ancient ruins on Paros as well as in Athens, I wondered about the people who do that type of work. So I bought some books while I was in Greece and checked out several online sources when I got home.

As far as why readers should be interested, I think the central message of the story focuses on the way we treat our significant others. Sometimes this is a cultural issue, but when women are treated poorly, it bothers me. This was something I noticed in Greece. My daughter commented on it, and when I got home I read more that confirmed it. Traditionally, Greek women are not encouraged to be independent. Especially on the island, local women were not seen outdoors after the supper hour. They were at home. Being a very independent woman, this bothered me. And I decided to write a story that showcased not only the beauty of the island, but the dynamics between the men and women there.

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