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Mr. & Mrs. Odin

dreamstime_xs_19990796You’ve heard of outtakes and cut scenes from the movies? If you sat through the credits of of The Avengers, for example, you were rewarded by some special footage.  The following is a bonus scene which fell between the cracks of Dani & the Immortals.  Popcorn is optional.  ~ Suzanne
ornament29Dr. Sigmund peered at the couple on the couch before him.  “Mr. and Mrs. Odin, after several days of intense therapy—”

“Doctor, the name is Friday,” the Nordic blonde interrupted.  “It’s important to me to have my own identity.”

A muscle quivered in Odin’s jaw but he said nothing.

The doctor nodded. “All right, Friday. The way I see it, we have some enormous challenges to overcome in your marriage.”

Friday snorted and pointed at her husband.  “For one thing, he doesn’t trust me.”

Odin bristled.  “Adultery in a wife is never a desirable quality.”

“You’re one to talk!” she exclaimed.  “They don’t call you The Wanderer for nothing, Odin. Thor is only your most visible indiscretion.”

Odin folded his well-muscled arms across his massive chest and stared straight ahead.

“To save your marriage, we must move past this blame game,” Dr. Sigmund said.

“I’ve been cooped up on Fensalir practically forever, thanks to him,” Friday said, flicking a glance at Odin.  “I’d say our relationship has been shot to Helheim and back.”

“I understand that.  Mr. Odin, I propose you give your wife a little freedom.”

“A lot of freedom and a lot of gold,” Friday said.  “It’s my turn to visit to Midgard.  I want to do some shopping.”

“Be sure to buy yourself another necklace,” Odin said through clenched teeth.

Friday gasped in outrage.  “How dare you throw that in my face!  Go hang yourself on Yggdrasil!”

The two immortals jumped to their feet and began to bicker.  As the volume increased, the doctor rose from his chair, strode from the room, and slammed the door behind him.  Odin and Friday exchanged a guilty glance.

“I guess we’re having our own personal Ragnarök,” she said.

Odin sighed. “Let’s hope it’s not the end of the world for our marriage.”
ornament29Daninewdec2017After Dani is kidnapped by Odin’s Ravens and taken to Asgard, she becomes enmeshed in a quarrel between immortals. Worse, when the theft of a magical artifact becomes an explosive political debacle, accusations of blame turn her into an outlaw. To avert disaster, she must undertake a dangerous quest involving ogres, dark fairies, and underworld criminals. Ultimately, however, she’ll have to defy Odin himself.

Dani & the Immortals is available at your favorite bookstore HERE or in paperback HERE.

Tournament of Chance (Epic Time Travel Fantasy)

dreamstime_xs_25730585.jpgTo prevent a commoner from winning the Tournament of Chance, a brutal king will stop at nothing.  Big mistake.

When King Chance cheats Heather out of a victory in his prestigious archery competition, he stokes the fire of a simmering uprising. She joins the Dragon Rebels, a secretive group of freedom fighters dedicated to reinstating the Ormvalder monarchy of old. Although Heather’s relationship with rightful heir Dane Ormvalder is tumultuous, they begin a dangerous quest together to restore the kingdom’s magical power.  Unfortunately, an unexpected explosion sets in motion a revolution—in time.


From the unappetizing quantity of fur and gore on the turtle rock, it appeared the trolls had gutted and skinned the tiger there, and cooked some of the meat over the still-glowing firepit nearby. Although Heather longed to rest, the smell of the place turned her stomach. Leaving the campsite, she continued to climb up the trail. The rank odor of the slaughtered animal followed her.

A few minutes later, a blue dragon appeared from the north. With her heart in her throat, she yelled as loud as she could, waving her arms to get Dane’s attention. When he veered in her direction she was overjoyed. After six other dragons joined him during his descent, however, Heather’s ebullience turned to horror. A flock of wild dragons was headed straight for her, and on the open trail there was nowhere to hide.

Gritting her teeth against the pain in her side, she hurtled down the trail, past the turtle rock. At random, she picked one of the lava tunnels and darted inside. Heather hoped the dragons would leave once they lost their prey. Unfortunately, the smell of blood at the campsite sent the animals into a frenzy. The dragons’ piercing, trumpeting cries echoed down the tunnel, forcing Heather to cover her ears. The creatures attacked the rock face with their claws, chipping off bits and pieces of gDragonRebel3ranite. Heather backed further into the darkness, but when she heard one of the dragons inhale, she ran. A fireball followed…

Do you enjoy shapeshifting dragons, wizards, swordplay, time travel, archery, fairies, guerrilla warfare, intrigue, or trolls? EPIC’s eBook Awards 2014 Fantasy Finalist Tournament of Chance: Dragon Rebel is available for the Kindle HERE