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The Do-Over

The end of the year seems to be a good opportunity for a little self-reflection. Did you ever wish you could have a do-over in life? Perhaps there is a particular event or episode you would have liked to do differently.  Such things are the genesis of fantasy films or books, and don’t exist—or do they?

In my case, I have a do-over as it relates to my short story, Clash of Magic Book With Wizard CompassWills.  This romantic fantasy was the first story I ever sold, to a small, independent publisher known for its romance titles.  The contract was for two years, and the rights have now reverted back to me.  I intend to lengthen the story quite a bit, introduce new characters and conflicts, and apply everything I’ve learned about writing since my first sale.

It feels odd, re-reading the manuscript, because it’s sort of a mental snapshot in time. The original Clash of Wills represents where I was as a writer nearly three years ago. I can recall working with my editors on various matters, such as keeping my points-of-view from sliding around. Although it was frustrating at times, I learned quite a lot. This first professional editing experience was what helped me morph my “classroom” creative writing into a salable “product” with appeal to a broad cross-section of readers.

And now I have a do-over. I have the opportunity to make Clash of Wills into something which will reflect my experience and breadth of knowledge accrued from writing a myriad of books, novellas, novelettes, and short stories. How lucky can I get?

~ S.G. Rogers