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Beware the Gnoamian Imps


The Last Great Wizard of Yden


Ylan Bay fishermen moved to lash down their vessels in the face of gathering storm clouds. The eldest one pointed at the four dark strands swirling into one large mass overhead.

“Something unnatural is astir!” he screamed.

The mass dipped down toward Ylan, as if the heavens had opened and poured out a bucket of black, clotted blood. When the leading edge swooped near the ground, villagers recognized the Imps. People shrieked and ran for cover. Puledens pulled free of their tethers and bolted in every direction.

The Imps veered away from the village at the last moment and headed out to sea. The trailing edge of the flock split off to descend upon a lone, terrified puleden. As the Imps dipped down to feed, they lifted the beast off the ground with their ferocity. In the next instant, the puleden skeleton clattered to the street, picked clean, and the Imps sped up to catch their brethren.


For his sixteenth birthday, all Jon wanted were the keys to the family car. Instead, he got a lousy magic ring…

Artistic prodigy Jon Hansen yearns to fit in, but when he stumbles onto a supernatural kidnapping, his life changes forever. Unfortunately, his search for answers uncovers a magical secret—one that makes Jon a danger to everyone around him.

The Wolf Clan wizard Efysian has been draining the magic from Yden. On a quest for eternal power, he’s willing to kill to feed his addiction. To harness the ultimate source of energy, he travels to Earth. This time, however, he has a persistent witness to his crime.

Can Jon survive long enough to outwit the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known? Or will Efysian add the young wizard to his gruesome collection of trophies?

The Last Great Wizard of Yden has been nominated for book-of-the-month at iBookBuzz.com.  To cast your vote before March 14th, go HERE, and I thank you for your support.

~ S.G. Rogers