Short Story Acceptance – Residential Aliens

UPDATE:  It’s up and running as of 6/2/11

My short story fantasy entitled Romeo’s Spectral Charisma has been accepted by the e-zine Residential Aliens.  It should appear within the next six months.  I’ll post a link to the story when it’s published.

Romeo’s Spectral Charisma is a paranormal fantasy about a superstitious, modern day actor in Manhattan.  Brynn Ludden goes looking for a good luck charm, but instead becomes saddled with a specter claiming to be James Dean’s Charisma.  The pairing is not what Brynn had imagined, and he must find a way to rid himself of his spectral Charisma before it drives him nuts.

– S.G. Rogers

Written flights of fancy and adventure from author Suzanne G. Rogers