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DOGAcoveridea5In Duke of a Gilded Age, Brooklyn-born Wesley Parker discovers he’s the heir to an English dukedom. Crossing the Atlantic in 1890 can be fraught with peril, however, from errant icebergs to mechanical failure. When Wesley volunteers for a rescue mission in the middle of the ocean, he never dreamed his adventure could cost him his life.


The ship rolled to the one side just then, lying almost flat in the water. Stephen was thrown into Wesley and they both ended up on the floor. Nearby, the sound of breaking glass was followed closely by the strong odor of alcohol. The ship finally righted itself, accompanied by a cacophony of ominous creaks. Wesley and Stephen got to their feet.

“Do you smell that? We must still be in the saloon,” Stephen said. “And if the ship experiences another roll like the one we just had, it will sink…

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New #Audiobook LARKEN • Sweet Victorian Romance

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Making this audiobook with pro narrator Stevie Zimmerman was wonderful fun, and I urge you to listen to the sample at Amazon or The audiobook is about five hours long, so you can listen to it during a lengthy car trip, on an airplane, jogging, while doing housework, or perhaps even when you’re gardening. If you haven’t yet tried audiobooks, give them a shot! Audiobooks are addictive, make your time more productive, and enrich your life. ~ S.G. Rogers

Blurb: The sole survivor of a train accident, young Larken Burke is dubbed the Miracle Orphan. Four years later, however, her life is far from fortunate. Because of her emotional and physical scars, she believes she’s not marriageable. With little hope for the future, she agrees to wed a gentleman she’s never met. Unfortunately, his aloof manner proves difficult to bear.

Marked by romantic tragedy and the loss of his…

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Upcoming Audiobook for LARKEN

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LarkenaudiobookReaders have responded so well to Larken (it’s been holding Amazon’s #1 spot in Teen & Young Adult Historical Romance for weeks) , I decided to make an audiobook of it! The recording process is complete, usingScreen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.14.11 AM English narrator Stevie Zimmerman. A link to her extensive list of audiobook credits can be found HERE.

From her website:

“Native UK English voiceover artist and narrator, Stevie Zimmerman has been voicing audiobooks, commercials, e-learning and narrations for more than 10 years.

Stevie is the voice of over 60 audiobooks, ranging from Historical and Regency Romances and Chick Lit. to Self Help and Non Fiction. Her commercials can be heard on radio stations from Connecticut to Oregon, as well being the voice of K12 learning systems in the U.K.”ornament29I enjoyed listening to Stevie bring my book to life, and I was glad for the chance to listen to the story…

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Celebrate the release of LORD APOLLO with a #FREEBIE!

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17rqdh0lrs2akgifLord Apollo & the Colleen is finally here! It’s the second book in the Graceling Hall series, and I’m celebrating by making the first book, Larken, free on Monday, June 15th, and Tuesday, June 16th! To get your Larken Kindle download go HERE. If you enjoy the book, please consider leaving a review! ~ S.G. Rogers

pagebreakLarkenThe sole survivor of a train accident, young Larken Burke is dubbed the Miracle Orphan. Four years later, however, her life is far from fortunate. Because of her emotional and physical scars, she believes she’s un-marriageable. With little hope for the future, she agrees to wed a gentleman she’s never met. Unfortunately, his aloof manner proves difficult to take.

Marked by romantic tragedy and the loss of his brother, Brandon King has forsworn marriage. Obliged to take in a ward, he advertises for a mail-order bride to raise the boy. Since the union…

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No Irish Need Apply • Exposing Anti-Irish Sentiment in Lord Apollo & the Colleen

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NINA-nytIf you were a young Irishman looking for work in the 19th century, you might have come across an ad with the words No Irish Need Apply. Anti-Irish prejudice began in the medieval period, and was thought to be greatly influenced by Norman propagandist, Gerald of Wales, who sought to justify the invasion of Ireland by Henry II by painting the Irish as barbarians:

“Dedicated only to leisure and laziness, this is a truly barbarous people. They depend on their livelihood for animals and they live like animals.” (The History and Topography of Ireland) (1185)

Irishman as Monkey:  John Tenniel's satirical cartoon published in Punch sometime between 1845 - 1852 Irishman as Monkey: John Tenniel’s satirical cartoon published in Punch sometime between 1845 – 1852

In addition, despite all efforts to convert the Catholic majority to Protestantism over the years, Catholicism persisted. Although Protestantism took hold in parts of  Northern Ireland, it was still the minority. This difference of religion added fuel…

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Irish Tongues are Twistin’ in LORD APOLLO & THE COLLEEN

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Blog post on my challenges writing accents from Northern Ireland for LORD APOLLO & THE COLLEEN!

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Apollocoverfinal Lord Apollo & the Colleen is now on the launch pad and nearing its release date of June 15th! Although it’s a sequel to my Victorian romance, Larken, the focus is on characters who were secondary to the plot in the first story. There will be other sequels, so I’ve titled the series Graceling Hall, after the King brothers’ Newcastle estate. Here’s the blurb:

Five years after his supposed death, Theo King has returned to Graceling Hall…but a mystery remains. A stranger is buried in his grave, and nobody knows if his death was accidental…or murder. As Theo resumes his former life, the dead man’s sister shows up on his doorstep to hold him accountable. If he helps this Irish spitfire solve the mystery, will she finally leave him in peace?

There were some challenges in writing Lord Apollo, not the least of which was accurately depicting the…

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Tax Relief #Freebie • Magical Misperception

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Do taxes have you down? Is your wallet too light? Enjoy a magical freebie, and let a wizard take you to a place of romantic enchantment. Magical Misperception is a Kindle freebie on Wednesday, April 15th only. Enjoy! ~ S.G. Rogers


Young Prince Lee can’t talk to girls at all until he meets Jona Haever. His aunt, Queen Gaia, invites Jona to the castle for the summer to help Lee learn social graces. Although Her Majesty makes it clear Jona is no better than a servant, Jona and Lee become best friends. When the summer comes to a close, the two continue to correspond through a pair of magical boxes conjured by the Wizard Farland. Nine years later, Jona and Lee are closer than ever, but any romantic feelings between them are forbidden by law. Are the differences between a prince and a commoner too large to overcome, or…

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2015 RONE Award Nominees Ruse & Romance and Dancing With Raven

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R&RCover2InD’Tale Magazine has nominated my sweet Victorian novella, Ruse & Romance for a 2015 RONE Award in the category of Young Adult: General. Voting will begin in Week Three (April 27th – May 3rd, 2015), and I’ll need help to make it to the finals!


Unjustly labeled a flirt, Kitty Beaucroft is in need of a fiancé. Lord Philip Butler’s father wants him to settle down before he can become a landowner. With no intention of following through, Kitty and Philip enter into a temporary engagement as a means to an end. Unfortunately, someone knows the truth and is determined to expose them. Will the ruse turn into a romance before it’s too late?

If you’d like to read Ruse & Romance before you vote, go HERE.

DancingWithRaven-newText3dI’m also pleased to announce my paranormal novel, Dancing With Raven, was nominated in the category Young Adult: Paranormal

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Internet Radio Interview & New Releases • S.G. Rogers

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11059677_10153267506756435_4535834988916029936_nI had the pleasure of being interviewed by author John J. Higgins, who has an Internet radio program called Hanging With Higgins. If you’d like to listen in on our conversation, check out the ad, above. Here’s a quick link to

In other news, I have two “new” releases today. The word “new” is in quotes because theloveletterseriescover titles aren’t exactly brand new. The Love Letters Series: Box Set contains both A Gift for Lara and A Gift for Fiona, two stories of twin sisters whose letters go astray.

A GIFT FOR LARA: Lara Robinson wrote a love letter four years ago, but received no reply. Now the man to whom she gave her heart will visit Blythe Manor for Christmas. How can she enjoy the holidAGiftforLaraays knowing Miles Greystoke must despise her for revealing her feelings in such an unguarded fashion?

As an awkward…

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