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Journey to the Uncharted Region

While writing my latest romantic fantasy, Clash of Wills, I traveled to the magical Uncharted Region to do research. After my eventful and sometimes harrowing journey, I managed to smuggle out a few photos.  I’m at One Writer’s Way, sharing my travelogue with author Beth Trissel.  Won’t you join us?

~ S.G. Rogers


Long and Winding Road

So one morning I woke up and decided to write a romantic fantasy.  I sold my first manuscript to a well-established romance publisher and Clash of Wills is coming out on Leap Day.

Okay…so that’s not exactly how it happened.  Clash of Wills IS being released on Leap Day, but my journey down the long and winding road that is romantic fantasy was NOT accompanied by Paul McCartney ballads. You could say I was clueless.

Come read about it over at TBR.

~ S.G. Rogers


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The Magical Misperception of Meridian


On the final day of the term, a fancy horse-drawn carriage waited in front of school, flying the royal flag of Meridian. Rumors and speculation about an illustrious visitor ran rampant through the school halls. Just after the beginning bell rang, however, Jona was called to the office of the headmaster, Mr. Widgette. The blood left her face, and rightly so. Getting that sort of summons was never a good sign.

“What did you do?” Fiona whispered, but Jona had no reply.

Many of her schoolmates gave her a sympathetic smile as she left the classroom, but Quinton smirked. Jona smirked back. With an air of resignation, she trudged down the hall to meet her doom. She’d only been called to the headmaster’s office once before, when she’d accidentally poured ink down Chet Bettle’s pants for calling Holly stuck up. If she’d somehow managed to get expelled on the last day of school, her mother was not going to be pleased.

Upon entering Mr. Widgette’s office, Jona saw a strange little man sitting in a chair, dressed in an expensive suit. The headmaster rose from behind his desk.

“This is Mr. Phipps, Queen Gaia’s representative,” he said, without ceremony.

Proper etiquette demanded she acknowledge the man in some fashion, so Jona gave him a wobbling curtsy. Then, feeling foolish, she wondered if she ought to have offered him her hand instead.

“Jona, Mr. Phipps wishes to have a word with you,” Mr. Widgette said.

In the silence that followed, Jona waited for someone to start laughing and let her in on the joke, but nobody did.

“Miss Haever, Queen Gaia would consider it a personal favor if you would live at the castle for the summer and assist her in a matter of some delicacy. In return, you would be paid a salary, and your parents’ tea shop would be awarded the royal Seal of Approval,” Mr. Phipps said.

A relieved grin spread across Jona’s features. “That’s very generous, sir, but I think you must be looking for my sister, Holly. I’ll go fetch her if you’d like.”

“We are most definitely looking for you, Miss Jona Haever,” Mr. Phipps said. “Mr. Widgette has agreed to release you from school this morning. If you would be so kind as to accompany me, we will drive to the Haever Tea Shop and discuss the matter with your parents.”

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Delicious Anticipation

Sarah Grimm has graciously allowed me on her blog today to write a guest post about the delicious anticipation of romance.  Is it better to have your cake or to eat it?  I explore that question as it relates to my upcoming romantic fantasy release Clash of Wills.  I invite you to stop in and tickle your tastebuds. ~ S.G. Rogers

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