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Preditors and Prey — Excerpt from TOURNAMENT OF CHANCE

Over the next week, Heather spent most of her waking hours with her bow and arrows. She practiced in a pasture outside of town. The field was surrounded by trees, which made it quite private—and isolated. The morning before the competition, Heather was working on accuracy. When her arrows were spent, she set off for the target to retrieve them.

Three strangers emerged from the forest. They fanned out, as if encircling their prey. Heather was schooled enough in hunting to recognize predators on sight. A ripple of fear traveled down her spine. Dropping her bow, she pulled her knife from her boot and searched for a means of escape.

“Oi, now, no need for that. Yer Heather, aren’t ye?  Such pretty red hair ye got,” the first man said. His lips pulled back over his teeth, blackened by poor hygiene and tobacco.

“Yer father done broke his leg. We come to fetch ye home,” the second said.

The third man said nothing, but he unfastened the bullwhip hanging from his belt and gave it an experimental crack.

“My friend don’t like yer little stickpin. Put it down, there’s a good girl,” the first man said.

Heather kept her eyes trained on the bullwhip. When the man pulled back his arm, poised to strike, she hurled her knife at his chest. Even before he’d hit the ground, she was sprinting past him toward the forest. Her only hope of evading capture would be to lose the other two men in the woods. Although she was fleet-footed, her assailants closed the distance in the open field rapidly. Several yards away from the tree line, the twang of arrows being loosed reached her ears…

A hunter’s daughter becomes the spark that ignites a revolution—in time.

When a beautiful commoner enters the Tournament of Chance archery competition, her thwarted victory sparks a revolution in the oppressive kingdom of Destiny. Although Heather never believed the legends about the restoration of Ormaria, after three shape-shifting Ormarian wizards awaken from a long magical slumber, she joins their perilous quest to regain the throne. Heather battles vicious predators and angry trolls to free the wizards’ magic, but at a horrendous cost. She is unexpectedly torn from the arms of the man she loves and hurled back in time to fulfill a prophecy not yet written.  The ensuing maelstrom tests Heather’s survival skills, wits, and endurance. Will she become an unwritten footnote in history, or can she trust the magic to lead her back to her one true love?

Tournament of Chance will be released on Friday, Sept. 28th, in all e-formats, from Musa Publishing.  Shortly thereafter, it will be available through Amazon, and wherever online books are sold.

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A Thing of Beauty – Excerpt from TOURNAMENT OF CHANCE

Dane conjured a sword and armor for Joe and the two of them practiced swordplay above deck when the sun shone. Joe was well trained, but he lacked discipline and focus. Heather was impressed with Dane’s ability as an instructor. She also noted how quick Dane was to give Joe the encouragement and praise he sorely needed.

“Not too bad that time, Jovander. I thought you had me once or twice.”

“I learned from the head of the king’s guards,” Joe boasted.

“I was the head of the king’s guards,” Dane replied, winking at Heather. “Let’s work on that disarming move. You’ve almost got it down.”

The third morning dawned wonderfully clear and bright. Heather soaked in the sunshine while enjoying Joe and Dane’s latest match. She was glad for a ready excuse to gaze at Dane, admiring not only his quick reflexes and finesse, but also his athletic frame and handsome face. When she’d first met him, she thought his looks were arresting—despite his disdainful and arrogant attitude. Now, she acknowledged privately he was the most handsome man she’d ever seen. After he caught her staring a few times, however, she tried to be more discreet. She had no wish to give Dane the false impression she was besotted with him. One can admire a thing of beauty, such as a stallion or a dragon, without desiring to possess it, she told herself firmly.

In Tournament of Chance, a hunter’s daughter becomes the spark that ignites a revolution—in time.

When a beautiful commoner enters the Tournament of Chance archery competition, her thwarted victory sparks a revolution in the oppressive kingdom of Destiny. Although Heather never believed the legends about the restoration of Ormaria, after three shape-shifting Ormarian wizards awaken from a long magical slumber, she joins their perilous quest to regain the throne. Heather battles vicious predators and angry trolls to free the wizards’ magic, but at a horrendous cost. She is unexpectedly torn from the arms of the man she loves and hurled back in time to fulfill a prophecy not yet written. The ensuing maelstrom tests Heather’s survival skills, wits, and endurance. Will she become an unwritten footnote in history, or can she trust the magic to lead her back to her one true love?

Release date: September 28th, 2012

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Fun Fact About Norse Mythology – Happy Tyr’s Day

Did you know the days of the week are named after a mixture of Roman and Norse deities?  The weekdays stemming from Norse origins are indicated in red, below:

Sunday – Day of the Sun

Monday – Day of the Moon

Tuesday – Tyr’s Day (god of war)

Wednesday – Odin’s Day (Old English “Woden”) (ruler of Asgard)

Thursday – Thor’s Day (god of thunder & lightning)

Friday – Freyja (goddess of love & beauty)

Saturday – Day of Saturn

Tomorrow (Wodensday), I’ll fill you in on a little Odin lore.  In the meantime, you might enjoy another factoid.  Despite all rumors to the contrary, Viking helmets had no horns.  There’s only one Viking helmet that has survived as an artifact and it was…hornless. (See Wikipedia photo) (For another view, go HERE).  In runestones, illustrations and artwork of the age, Viking helmets were depicted as having either a rounded or conical top (like half a football). If you’re interested in Viking Age arms and armour, Wikipedia has a good article HERE.

I don’t know how authentic all the helmets are at Dark Knight Armoury, but they have a really cool website.  You can go HERE to have a look around.

Happy Tyr’s Day.

~ S.G. Rogers

Kidnapped from Earth and abandoned in Asgard of Norse mythology, Dani Avery must fight to return home.  When she stumbles upon a band of outlaws, Prince Rein agrees to take her to the Rainbow Bridge personally. Although Dani is attracted to the handsome elf, his only interest seems to be in separating her from the magical sword and shield at her side. In Asgard City, rules, regulations and bureaucrats stymie Dani’s quest.  Increasingly frustrated and desperate, she seeks help among powerful immortals. Unfortunately, Dani becomes ensnared in a devious trap that may leave her stranded and alone in Asgard forever.

Available April 20th from Musa Publishing.

The Road to The Heart Gem by Isabella Macotte

On the heels of her new release The Heart Gem, author Isabella Macotte stops by Child of Yden to let us in on her path to sucess.  Enjoy! ~ S.G. Rogers

After spending years enjoying wonderful books written by fabulous authors, I wanted in.

I figured writing a book should take just slightly longer than reading one. As a speedy reader able to wolf down a story in an evening or two, writing a manuscript should take a couple of weeks. Not one to place undue pressure on myself, I generously allowed a month. Tops.

GMC? What the heck is that? I never thought about a goal for my heroine besides living happily ever after. Motivation? Well, getting to live happily ever after with a hunky hero is pretty motivating, right? Conflict? Ha! I’ll give her a few impediments, I suppose, but who likes stress? Point of view?  Readers are smart. They’ll figure out the scene’s perspective.

So wrong and naïve.

What is it they say about best-laid plans? For me, as in most ventures, nothing ever comes easy. Drafting a manuscript entailed learning everything from the ground up. Thankfully I had a group of wonderful writers and readers who nudged, poked, pulled, kicked, and instructed me along the way.

Once my feet were planted on the right road, the process of putting together the manuscript for my newly published book, The Heart Gem, involved more time learning, reading, listening, and working than I could have ever imagined.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Receiving an email from the editor at The Wild Rose Press offering a contract for my romance novel, The Heart Gem, was one of the most thrilling moments of my life.

~ Isabella Macotte


In 1885, a proper Victorian woman’s place was in the home. Convention never appealed to Hallie Pinefoy.

But plans for financial independence through a successful doll-making venture have one impediment. She’s inherited a curiosity shop and a handsome business partner who’s proving to be a delicious distraction.

When Bremen Tyler inherits a shop in coastal England, he breaks from the mystical Ancestral clan to live a normal life. The only way to guarantee a permanent break is to marry his Heart Match, a perfect soul mate. Bremen recognizes the captivating Hallie as his true love, but she isn’t cooperating with his courtship.

If he can retrieve the stolen Heart Gem, an Artifact of Love, he can use it to prove their match. The surface of the Gem reflects the essence of a couple’s future life, but the risks are great. More importantly, will Hallie realize true love doesn’t need proof?


Hallie stepped over to the small desk. “Please wait. I’ll get the monies owed from the payment made at the Dockhouse.”

“No.” Bremen answered.


“Partake of a glass of wine with me instead.”

Surprised, she looked to the man’s face and paused. Those dark eyes seemed almost hypnotic, and a sudden vision came to mind of looking into those eyes right before his lips moved in closer and closer, toward her mouth. She forced herself to look away.

He held out a hand. “Just a glass of wine? Perhaps we can pretend to have just been introduced under less dramatic circumstances?”

“I think not. However I’m grateful for your assistance.” She held out the coin.

“I never accept money from a lady.”

“Do you make a lady feel obligated then? That’s your preference?”

“I’d hope the lady would forgive me for my churlish behavior by allowing a contrite man to make amends.”

Was he mocking her?

“One glass of wine. Please.” He seemed to notice the hesitation. “On the Wrightsville Inn’s front porch in full view of all.” His face softened. “With a repentant gentleman.” He held out a hand. “I’m Bremen Tyler. The apologetic Bremen Tyler who wishes to make restitution to a lady offended with loutish behavior.”

“Again, I must decline the offer.”

He paused for a moment. “Are you afraid?”

“Afraid? Of you? I most certainly am not.”

“Sit with me then. You can berate me for my temper, comment on my lack of good manners, and insult me for my lack of wholesome attributes. I put myself in your hands for as long as you wish to partake of my poor company.”

Being the one in control was intriguing. After having spent the past hour feeling foolish and taking directions, she found these pleas for forgiveness and companionship quite appealing.

Buy links: Amazon (ebook) (paperback), The Wild Rose Press (ebook) (paperback), and wherever online books are sold.


Isabella Macotte grew up in Chicago and now lives in the Midwest. Ever since she can remember, she was reading. Not just fiction but everything she could get her hands on. Science, romance, history and paranormal. Especially paranormal…anything scary, creepy, or gory, she loves it. From light paranormal elements to terrifying monsters, she’ll make up a story to amaze or scare you.

Isabella Macotte writes the kind of romance she loves to read: a story with delicious dialogue, seductive encounters, a dash of the paranormal, and an irresistible hero you will never forget.

Passionate about books, Isabella keeps busy reading, writing and working in a library. But if a few moments remain at the end of the day, she spends them with a wonderful family and sweet bichon pup named Daisy.

Beyond A Highland Whisper

Author Maeve Greyson is visiting my blog today to talk about her upcoming release The Highlander’s Fury. I’m very excited! ~ S.G. Rogers

It’s almost time…

Release day –that is− for my latest paranormal romance, THE HIGHLANDER’S FURY.  I’ve come to the conclusion that waiting for release day is much like waiting for the birth of a child. Breathless excitement, stomach-gurgling anticipation and a healthy dose of lip-gnawing anxiety. Will my newest “baby” be welcomed by the world? Will it flourish and grow to be a healthy, well-loved “child”? I hope so. This latest return to the MacKay Clan from BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER is near and dear to my heart and I truly hope readers enjoy it too.

Here’s a little more about it:

The Highlander’s FuryMarch 2, 2012 from The Wild Rose Press

An average day in the life of an immortal Fury?

Flex powers. Locate evil. Administer justice.

Until Ciara’s goddess mothers convince her to seduce a brooding mortal and bear the man a gifted child. All she has to do is swap places with his betrothed. A simple task−become the seductive wife, bear the man a child and train the young one in the Ways. Once the boy reaches seven years of age, they’ll swap her back with the wife Faolan thinks he selected and Ciara can resume her job of rousting wickedness from the world.

Faolan MacKay’s advisors plague him daily about his matrimonial duties as laird, dragging prospects from across the Highlands: plump dowries attached to each one.

Faolan’s lost everyone he’s ever loved. He’d rather go straight to the fiery pits of Hell than down the wedding aisle. Out of desperation, a plan takes seed. He’ll select a wife he can ignore. There’s just one problem with this foolproof theory. Nobody ignores Ciara.

Against his better judgment, he’s enthralled with the woman and to Ciara’s surprise, this strange thing called love burns hotter than her hunger for vengeance.

At the end of the seven years the ruse is up, all will return to as it was. Can the bond of love overcome the mandate of the ultimate powers?

Since we’re coming down to the “release day wire”, a giveaway is definitely in order. One lucky commenter will be selected by Jasper to receive an electronic copy of The Highlander’s Fury. If you also go to my website ( and sign up to receive my newsletter, your name will be entered in the drawing twice! (Don’t worry – I only send newsletters when I have actual NEWS – I promise I won’t over-stuff your inbox and I will NEVER share your email.) So be sure and leave a comment. You could be one of the first to read The Highlander’s Fury.

Thanks so much for stopping by! And a hearty thank you to Suzanne for inviting me over for a visit to her lovely cyber home. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Take care, my friends! ~Maeve

Maeve’s other books:

Beyond A Highland Whisper Out now from The Wild Rose Press

Can love prevail over the dark magic of a woman scorned?

The last time Latharn MacKay walked among his kinsman was in Scotland of 1410. Sensuous and charismatic, all the women wanted him, but none could capture his heart. Latharn’s charm became his curse when a dark sorceress didn’t take rejection well. She snared his soul into a crystal globe until the one woman destined to be his love whispered his release. Now all Latharn has to do is find her and guide her to him without speaking a word.

One of the youngest archeologists in St Louis of 2010, Nessa credits one thing for this achievement: the recurring dream of a heart-stopping Highlander since the summer she turned eighteen years old. Little does she know, he’s not some fantasy cooked up by her subconscious. He’s a trapped soul determined for Nessa to end his six centuries in hell.

Eternity’s MarkMarch 27, 2012 from Kensington Brava

A sexy Scot. A mystical inheritance. What could go wrong?

Veterinarian Hannah MacPherson knows better than to believe in love at first—or any—sight.

True, being swept away by Taggart de Gaelson to the vast Scottish castle she’s mysteriously inherited is uber-romantic. The legacy is totally legitimate, and its messenger is big, broad-shouldered, and smokin’ in more ways than one…

Too bad Taggart forgot to mention that Hannah’s also a Guardian of magical dragons called the Draecna. And as Hannah’s sworn otherworldly protector, Taggart is honor-bound not to lay a hand on her, no matter how close he gets…

But turning duty into pleasure is just too tempting. And for Hannah, mastering her powers and saving two worlds from evil will be way easier than showing one hardheaded warrior that breaking all the rules means they are eternally made for each other…

Maeve’s Bio:

Maeve Greyson writes paranormal romances with a Celtic twist from her cozy little home not too far from Kentucky Lake.  Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, Maeve listens to the wind whispering through the trees and hears the voices of her characters.

Her debut novel, BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER is available now from The Wild Rose Press and other online retailers. March 2012 will see two new paranormal romances from Maeve. THE HIGHLANDER’S FURY releases from The Wild Rose Press on March 2nd and ETERNITY’S MARK releases from Kensington’s Brava line on March 27th. ETERNITY’S MARK was the winner of Kensington Brava and RT Book Reviews 2011 Writing with the Stars Contest.

Maeve can also be found procrastinating in these corners of cyberspace:

Facebook:  OR!/

Sources of Inspiration In My Writing – Guest Post by Beth Trissel

Inspiration comes from many sources and takes many forms.  The first muse that comes to mind is the importance dreams have had on my work.  The initial book resulting from this source of inspiration was historical romance novel Red Bird’s Song.  Another dream evolved into my recent holiday release, vintage American Christmas ghost story romance Somewhere the Bells Ring.  That one took place in the beautiful Virginia homeplace where my father grew up and I often visited over the years, a gracious Georgian style brick home, circa 1816, and the old home the house in Somewhere the Bells Ring is based on.

I vividly saw a young woman, a guest there during the Christmas holidays, and the mysterious gentleman she encountered.  His profound sadness made a deep impression on me, as did the gentleman himself, and the young lady who reached out to him.  That dream nagged at me every Christmas for the past ten years until I finally wrote their story.

Life experiences, of course, supply a wealth of fodder for my stories.  As has research into family genealogy,  particularly early American, and even farther back.  I come from well-documented English/Scots-Irish folk with a smidgen of French in the meld, a Norman knight who sailed with William the Conqueror.  One family line goes directly back to Geoffrey Chaucer.  And there’s a puritan line with involvement in the Salem Witch Trials—my apologies to Susannah Martin’s descendants—but that’s another story.

Sometimes watching a television program or imaginative film will inspire me in the most unexpected ways.  I came up with the concept for my ‘Somewhere’ series years ago while watching one of my favorite British mysteries, Midsomer Murders.  I enjoy the historic setting of these modern day mysteries, but especially when the story flashes back to an even earlier time in an old manor house or church to get to the root of the mystery.  So I thought, why not incorporate that with my love of romance and history.

The idea behind this series is that the story opens in an old home, so far Virginia, and then transports the reader back in time either in the same old house or another place entirely, such as the Scottish Highlands.  As is the case in Somewhere My Lass and the sequel I’m at work on, via a portal in time.  All of which is inspired by my fascination with the past. The unifying characteristic of the stories is the paranormal/time travel element, but the books themselves aren’t necessarily tied together.

I also collect people whom I meet in real life or the dreamworld and sooner or later they take shape as characters.  As one author said, ‘Be careful or you’ll wind up in my stories.’

~ Beth Trissel

Blurb: Caught with pot in her dorm room, Bailey Randolph is exiled to a relative’s ancestral home in Virginia to straighten herself out. Banishment to Maple Hill is dismal, until a ghost appears requesting her help. Bailey is frightened but intrigued. Then her girlhood crush, Eric Burke, arrives and suddenly Maple Hill isn’t so bad.

To Eric, wounded in Vietnam, his military career shattered, this homecoming feels no less like exile. But when he finds Bailey at Maple Hill, her fairy-like beauty gives him reason to hope–until she tells him about the ghost haunting the house. Then he wonders if her one experiment with pot has made her crazy.

As Bailey and Eric draw closer, he agrees to help her find a long-forgotten Christmas gift the ghost wants. But will the magic of Christmas be enough to make Eric believe–in Bailey and the ghost–before the Christmas bells ring?~

***Somewhere the Bells Ring is available in various eBook formats at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nookbook, and other online booksellers.

Good Versus Evil

The Eternal Matchup

An entire mythology has evolved over the eons about the continuing struggle between heaven, hell, and the creatures that serve at both ends of the spectrum.  I’m over at Amaleen Ison’s blog (HERE) talking about the good vs. evil inspiration for my short story “Apocrypha.” See you over there!

~S.G. Rogers

© Eti Swinford |

Interview With a Demon

Demon Jem (Apocrypha) was interviewed over at Musa Publishing last December. (She’s too cool!).  By popular demand, here is the interview in all its glory:

Thank you for coming to chat with us today, Jem. Why do you think S.G. Rogers chose you to represent her?

She’s got the wrong idea about me, just like that old geezer artist—excuse me—gentleman, Greer Richmond. Even though I’m the most awesome demon that ever was, they both seem to think I’ve got a kernel of good inside. Ha! I’ll bet they bite into Tootsie Pops, too.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’ve got five hundred twelve Earth years under my 22” belt, which is pretty young for a demon.  I suppose that’s why I have so much energy for evil.  I won the award last century for Innovation in Inequity, which cheesed Loqi off (hehe), and I’ve been the reigning Miss Demon Xtreme champion ever since I turned eighteen.

Where do you live? What is it about that area that drew you there?

I have cribs all over the world (and underworld) on account of I don’t trust anyone (my co-workers especially).  I’ve stashed cash, clothes and weapons in airports and train stations across the globe.  But when I take a vacation, it’s Vegas baby, all the way.

What do you wish people would know about you?

Truly magnificent malfeasance takes talent and skill beyond the abilities of most ordinary demons.  I am the DaVinci of Disaster and the Shakespeare of Sin…and I look smoking hot working it.

What music do you listen to?

When I’m in the midst of a caper, AC/DC blasting through a pair of headphones or on the car radio works well.  But I’ve got a softer side too (shh).  I dig classical music, show tunes…and, er, ’80’s pop music.

Will we be seeing more of you or are you stepping out of the lime light?

S.G. Rogers seems to think “Apocrypha” would make a great full-length novel.  She says readers will want to find out if Greer’s grandson Dare and I ever get together.  Dare’s younger brother Rory thinks I’m hot too, so there might be some sibling rivalry happening.  Of course my co-workers are going to want to gum it all up, so things could get interesting.

Is there anything you wish S.G. Rogers had kept her mouth shut about?

Yeah.  No demon likes to feel like they’ve got a soft spot, you know?  If my co-workers ever found out I kind of cared about a human like Greer, I’d have to kick a lot of demon butt trying to live it down. We demons aren’t supposed to play with our food.

Tell us about Dare Richmond and what drew you to him?

(Turns to S.G. Rogers at this point…”Do I have to answer that?”  S.G. Rogers nods).  (Sigh) Okay…first of all, Dare is Greer’s grandson and he’s got his eyes.  And there’s something about Dare’s voice that feels better than a Swedish massage.  He’s just so damned…masculine.  If I had a heart, it would stop beating every time he looked at me.  Don’t repeat this to anyone, but I think I’m a goner.

What really pushes your buttons?

A lot of demons have been sacrificing true skill for the cheap and easy score lately.  That burns my tail.  I think they’ve been influenced by Hollywood movies, where there’s an explosion every fifteen seconds.  Demons need to go back to the basic seven deadly sins, in my humble opinion.  Sin can be original in more ways than one, and the best demons leave no fingerprints.

Do you believe in ghosts?

What, are you kidding me?  I’ve turned more humans into ghosts than I can count.  Those were the lucky ones, though.  Most of my victims wind up in the Heat Hotel, as they say, working for the Boss.

Why should readers be interested in your story?

The question is, are Greer and S.G. Rogers right about my gooey inner core? If you’re into the Good versus Evil thing, or you enjoy watching demons and angels duking it out, you’ll get a kick out of “Apocrypha.” Plus, romance fans will probably *squee* when I melt into emotional fondue over hunky Dare Richmond. Whichever way it goes, readers will have something to root for.

~ S.G. Rogers

Posing with Sword: © Jose Antonio Sánchez Reyes |

Apocrypha is Available Now

Apocrypha by S.G. Rogers…because sometimes even for a demon, love is in the cards.

Being dedicated to the diabolical doesn’t seem to satisfy Jem anymore.  When the gorgeous demon poses for elderly artist Greer Richmond, the two form a connection.  Greer senses good in her, but Jem rebels against the idea by going on a Vegas bender.  After Jem gets word Greer is about to die, she inexplicably wants to make sure he gets to heaven—but her boss has other plans.

As penance for her interference, Jem is assigned to take one of Greer’s descendants instead.  Unfortunately handsome Dare Richmond awakens feelings in Jem a demon isn’t supposed to have.  Will Jem be able to complete her task, or has fate dealt the demon an impossible hand?

As part of the twelve days of Christmas, Musa Publishing will make Apocrypha available as a FREE READ on Wednesday, December 7th.  Go HERE to download your copy.

– S.G. Rogers

Posing with Sword: © Jose Antonio Sánchez Reyes |

Handsome: © Piotr Tomicki |