After Christmas #freebie • Magical Misperception

sgrMM6X9Christmas may be behind us, but the gifts keep coming. My short fairy tale, Magical Misperception is free from Tuesday, December 26 through Saturday, December 30th. Please enjoy it with my compliments…and if you like it, please don’t forget to leave a review! ~ Suzanne

Young Prince Lee can’t talk to girls at all until he meets Jona Haever. His aunt, Queen magicboxesGaia, invites Jona to the castle for the summer to help Lee learn social graces. Although Her Majesty makes it clear Jona is no better than a servant, Jona and Lee become best friends. When the summer comes to a close, the two continue to correspond through a pair of magical boxes conjured by the Wizard Farland. Nine years later, Jona and Lee are closer than ever, but any romantic feelings between them are forbidden by law. Are the differences between a prince and a commoner too large to overcome, or are they just a matter of magical misperception?

Download your Kindle copy HERE.


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