Last Few Weeks for Secrets of Yden

Yden_Book3The publishing rights to my third Yden book, Secrets of Yden, will shortly be reverting back to me. By contract, I must keep the book off the market for 90 days. So if you’ve been thinking about reading it, act now or temporarily (until January 2017) hold your peace! I don’t believe the book will be available anywhere past October 12, 2016, but exact dates are up to the publisher. ~ Suzanne

Blurb: As Jon Hansen begins his senior year in high school, he and his friends are focused on the future. Unfortunately, a past skirmish on Yden is still having repercussions. Bailey of the Shark Clan is out for revenge, and he may have secret support in the Executive Council. Worse, time is stopping on Earth for increasingly long intervals, and only Jon’s ankh sets him apart. An unstable portal is the cause, but his search for answers uncovers an ancient prophecy that seemingly spells his doom. Can Jon repair the hole in the universe before time stops forever, or will he have to sacrifice himself to save the world?

Click HERE to go to the Yden series Amazon page. Kira: The Yden Trilogy Prequel is still free, and books one and two are in the KU program.

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