Revamping Something Wicked in L.A.

SWILFINAL_COVERI’m currently writing the second book in my demon-hunting paranormal series, The Young Shakespeareans. To that end, I’ve revamped (pun intended) the first book with a new cover, title, and a slight rewrite. Something Wicked in L.A. is available right now at Amazon. Hopefully, book two will be out by the end of July, or thereabouts.

~ Suzanne

Blurb: Dancer Tori Moss sees demons pouring into Los Angeles, but she can’t tell a soul. After Raven Cassidy enrolls in her performing arts school, she learns the most powerful, prestigious, and top-secret demon-hunting organization known to mankind wants her dead before she turns eighteen. Although the handsome Brit offers his help, she doesn’t know whom to trust or where to turn. Sometimes in the fight between good and evil, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. And sometimes, you’re on your own.


Shopping bags in hand, Tori emerged from a store on Melrose Avenue, where the lamp posts were decorated with holiday tinsel. She weighed whether to continue shopping, but then she noticed three human-shaped demons heading her way. They seemed to be staring straight at her, but because their eyes were completely red, it was difficult to tell for sure. Paralyzing fear took over for several moments, but then she forced her feet to move. Her car was several blocks away in a more deserted residential section. What if the demons caught up to her before she could get inside and lock her car doors?

A half-block later, she came across a store—The Mime’s Eye—which was dedicated to new age paraphernalia. In the window display hung several charms, talismans, crystals, and amulets. Her heart was pounding as she darted inside and pressed herself flat against the wall next to the window. When the three demons appeared, Tori held her breath. Would the red-eyed denizens follow her?

“Can I help you?”

Startled, Tori flinched. The African robe-clad shop owner gave her a kindly smile. “Sorry if I frightened you, but you can relax. They won’t come in here.”


“A special rune is painted over the doorway. No demons can enter.”

“Y-you see them?”

“Certainly.” He tilted his head as he regarded her. “How long have you had the sight?”

“Since I was a child.” Tori craned her neck toward the window, but the unholy trio had disappeared. Relieved, she took a deep breath. “I’ve been seeing more and more demons lately.”

“I’ve noticed an increase as well.” He leaned forward, as if to impart a secret. “Most people don’t realize what’s really happening.”

“Which is?”

“The eternal war between good and evil is heating up.”

Tori edged away. Although she believed the man to be sincere, she wasn’t completely certain he was sane.

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