Excerpt from Dancing With Raven – The ‘M’ Word

Originally posted on Suzanne G. Rogers, writing as S.G. Rogers:

Here’s an excerpt from my work-in-progress, paranormal novel Dancing With Raven (The Young Shakespeareans Series). I’m writing the final few chapters now, and I’m getting excited! ~ S.G. Rogers

flourishBefore he could go home, Raven had to grab a history book from his locker. As he made his way across the deserted quad afterward, Kirstin passed by. Her imp made a rude gesture toward him. I’m never going to get a better chance to off that demon than now. Although he never brought weapons to school, he always kept a sterling silver fountain pen in his jacket pocket for emergencies. As soon as Kirstin opened the door of the Administration building, Raven whispered, “Macbeth!”

In a paroxysm of fury, the imp sprang off Kirstin’s head. Hissing and spitting, the demon loped across the grass with its claws extended. Fountain pen in hand, Raven waited until the imp sprang toward him…

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