Weird Secrets about S.G. Rogers

I don’t usua475687_348027758569956_2090555840_olly talk about myself, but I decided to divulge ten weird facts secrets about me that nobody knows.  Shh! Don’t tell anyone:

1)  In karate class, when something really HURTS, I laugh;

2) Although I’m pathologically shy, I pursued acting;

3) I dislike blue cheese passionately because I got food poisoning from it when I was a teen;

4) When I was thirteen, my family and I attended a quinceañera in Tijuana for the daughter of one of my father’s employees. It was the first (and almost the last) time I ever drank tequila;

5) I was thisclose to winning a guest starring role on Baywatch;

6) When I was a kid in the 60s, there were only a few channels on TV, and a lack of programming. I remember watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat over and over again because there was nothing else on. As a result, I almost refused to go see Titanic (1997) when it came out;

7) I sing a great rendition of Honeysuckle Rose;

8) In the 80s, I grew my fingernails fashionably long (see photo, above);

9) I was a tour guide at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. One day, my tram got stuck in the river after Moses had parted the waves and we had to wait for a tow; and


10) I got hypothermia once on a springtime canoe trip on the Tuolumne River, when the rapids tossed me into the icy water. Even though I was wearing a wet suit at the time, I turned blue. My group had to strip me in a cave (my fingers and arms wouldn’t work) and use their bodies to warm me up again. Unfortunately, I was too cold to get a thrill.

Bonus Secret: I have been known to hallucinate spiders in the middle of the night.

Tell me your secrets in the comments, below.  I promise not to tell anyone. ~ S.G. Rogers



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