Carnivorous Predators — Excerpt from Secrets of Yden

In Secrets of Yden, Jon is challenged to a duel. Out of an excess of youthful arrogance, he’s named the forum—an old arena on the savage continent of Pytch.  Only later does he begin to realize the flaw in his plan…


Jon glanced up to see a pack of enormous, fanged cats cresting the far end of the arena where the wall had crumbled. The creatures were completely hairless except for the beard-like tufts under their chins, and Jon guessed one of their enormous paws would span a hubcap. And their claws would probably rip the tire to shreds.

“Holy moley, those cats are big! How did they know we were here?”

“The bearded hodyny can smell small amounts of blood from many, many leagues away, as can most of the predators on Pytch. If the hodyny picked up the scent, flying reptiles known as the rantynith will arrive momentarily.”

Jon gulped. “Anything else?”

“Yes. The gneeth will stampede. In their case, however, we’ll at least have warning. The creatures are so large, the vibrations of their approach will shake the ground underneath our feet.”

The cats floored it in their direction.

“See you at the tree house,” Jon squeaked.

“Indeed you will.”

Although Jon and Dorsit returned to Dragon Isle safely, Jon was shaken. One little cut had brought those creatures running, and there was no telling what other parade of Pytch carnivores had been hearing the same dinner bell.

“How on Yden can I fight a bloodless duel?” Jon asked, freaked.

“It’s virtually impossible,” Dorsit acknowledged. “You can perhaps begin to see the problem.”

Now he tells me.

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