Tournament of Chance (Epic Time Travel Fantasy)

dreamstime_xs_25730585.jpgTo prevent a commoner from winning the Tournament of Chance, a brutal king will stop at nothing.  Big mistake.

When King Chance cheats Heather out of a victory in his prestigious archery competition, he stokes the fire of a simmering uprising. She joins the Dragon Rebels, a secretive group of freedom fighters dedicated to reinstating the Ormvalder monarchy of old. Although Heather’s relationship with rightful heir Dane Ormvalder is tumultuous, they begin a dangerous quest together to restore the kingdom’s magical power.  Unfortunately, an unexpected explosion sets in motion a revolution—in time.


From the unappetizing quantity of fur and gore on the turtle rock, it appeared the trolls had gutted and skinned the tiger there, and cooked some of the meat over the still-glowing firepit nearby. Although Heather longed to rest, the smell of the place turned her stomach. Leaving the campsite, she continued to climb up the trail. The rank odor of the slaughtered animal followed her.

A few minutes later, a blue dragon appeared from the north. With her heart in her throat, she yelled as loud as she could, waving her arms to get Dane’s attention. When he veered in her direction she was overjoyed. After six other dragons joined him during his descent, however, Heather’s ebullience turned to horror. A flock of wild dragons was headed straight for her, and on the open trail there was nowhere to hide.

Gritting her teeth against the pain in her side, she hurtled down the trail, past the turtle rock. At random, she picked one of the lava tunnels and darted inside. Heather hoped the dragons would leave once they lost their prey. Unfortunately, the smell of blood at the campsite sent the animals into a frenzy. The dragons’ piercing, trumpeting cries echoed down the tunnel, forcing Heather to cover her ears. The creatures attacked the rock face with their claws, chipping off bits and pieces of gDragonRebel3ranite. Heather backed further into the darkness, but when she heard one of the dragons inhale, she ran. A fireball followed…

Do you enjoy shapeshifting dragons, wizards, swordplay, time travel, archery, fairies, guerrilla warfare, intrigue, or trolls? EPIC’s eBook Awards 2014 Fantasy Finalist Tournament of Chance: Dragon Rebel is available for the Kindle HERE


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