Sneak Peek: Kira (Warrior Princess) by S.G. Rogers

cropped-banner.jpgI’ve been busy working on two projects simultaneously: an Edwardian-era romance entitled Jessamine’s Folly and a prequel to my Yden series entitled Kira (Warrior Princess). I hope to have Jessamine’s Folly ready for the Christmas season, but I thought I’d share a pivotal scene from Kira right now. I hope you enjoy it, and have a lovely weekend! ~ S.G. Rogers

ornament29medieval villageMurmuring voices woke Kira from an uneasy sleep in her horse’s stall. A sharp pain in her neck made her wince, and she cursed the circumstances keeping her from her comfortable bed at the lodge. It must be late…perhaps my virtue will be safe now. She dragged herself upright and stretched, but immediately ducked behind a pillar when she realized she wasn’t alone. Mandral was leading the huge black charger from its stall several yards away, while the wizard Patnik waited near the stable entrance.

“The current threat has been neutralized,” Mandral said. “It’s time to mobilize.”

Delicious shivers went down Kira’s spine at the man’s voice. She longed to touch his hand and feel the warmth of his smile. Don’t be foolish! It’s the love potion and these sensations are not real. 

“The wizard Dorsit has returned to Ylan, Warlord. If the Nomads seek his help, he may present a complication. I advise you to tie up the loose ends immediately,” Patnik said.

Dorsit is alive?

Mandral chuckled. “I don’t want her harmed. Kira Szul is under my thrall, and the idea of marriage to the Nomad leader’s daughter rather pleases me. With Kira at my side, Nomads will more readily accept a coup,”

Kira bit back a gasp. He knew who I was all along.


“Enough! I’ve paid the barmaid to slit the boy’s throat come morning, and Kira shall ride with me to her father’s encampment as my future bride.”

“With your permission, I’ll transport directly to our staging area. Captain Blane is awaiting your orders.”

“Tell him to send squads of Cygards to surround Eastknot Crossing immediately. Nobody is permitted in or out. I’ll meet you there to review the rest of my troops personally. At first light, the game begins.”

Mandral spurred his horse forward. As the warlord rode from the stable, Patnik transported away with a flash of light and the low boom of thunder. Kira let out the breath she’d been holding. Oh, Solegra! Nomad Territory is being invaded!

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