Great New Look – Last Great Wizard of Yden

LGWOYSGRMy new cover for Last Great Wizard of Yden (Yden Book One) has arrived, featuring the character of Kira Szul!

Blurb: On the magical planet of Yden, Earth is a fantasy. So when Kira Szul’s plan to stop a cruel warlord goes horribly wrong, the last person she expects to stage a rescue is a brand new wizard from a mythological dimension. Although Jon Hansen is just learning about his magical powers, he doesn’t mind taking time out from his quest to rescue a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, he also makes an enemy of the powerful Wolf Clan wizard, Efysian. Can Jon, Kira, and their friends outwit the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known, or will Jon become the next wizard in Efysian’s gruesome collection?


A sudden commotion distracted Mandral from slitting Jon’s throat. A struggle had erupted between a newly arrived prisoner and the cygard holding him captive. Half a dozen cygards descended, but Mandral forbade them from intervention. The prisoner, covered from head to toe in a green hooded cape, was besting his captor. The cygard staggered up the chamber from a well-­placed sidekick to his ribs. The prisoner then twisted in the air to slam a nimble hook kick to the cygard’s head. The cygard’s helmet flew off, revealing his ugly face. Audibly disgusted, the onlookers averted their eyes until the fallen cygard managed to get his now-dented helmet back on.

Mandral laughed in delight. He directed the hovering cygards to subdue the prisoner and tie his tether on the ring next to Jon’s. The dented cygard yanked off the prisoner’s cape and stepped back. The crowd murmured.

The newcomer was female, and a stunning one at that. Her full, waist-­length hair was a wavy chestnut with red highlights. Her eyes were a violet color, and her skin was a golden tan. Despite his own predicament, Jon flushed. He couldn’t help but stare. From the expressions of the other men in the room, he knew he wasn’t the only one.

Mandral clapped his hands in a deliberate, slow, and obviously sarcastic manner. “What an entrance, Kira Szul. You’re looking savage, as usual,” he drawled.

ornament29I’ve very pleased with the revamping of the series, with covers that reflect the characters. The third and final book in the series, Secrets of Yden, will feature Jon! Look for it around the first of the year.

~ S.G. Rogers

Last Great Wizard of Yden is available at Amazon. Trade paperback with former cover is still available HERE.


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