What I’ve Been Up To

Although I haven’t posted much on my blog in August, I didn’t take the month off. I wrote a nifty guest post for author Meg Mims’ blog about why I put so much emphasis on strong secondary characters. That post, called More Than Parsley – Writing Secondary Characters With Depth, can be found HERE.

In addition, the third book of my Yden series (Secrets of Yden) was put under contract. I believe that book will be released in January or thereabouts, and to unify the trilogy, a new batch of character-centered covers is being designed. The first cover will feature Kira Szul, the Nomad princess from Yden, the second cover will feature Brett Tanner, and the third will feature Jon Hansen. I’m not certain when these new covers will make their debut, but you can be assured I’ll announce it!

In the meantime, I’ve been writing another historical romance entitled Jessamine’s Folly, to be set in the early Edwardian era. I was so excited to see the new cover for The Last Great Wizard of Yden, however, I was inspired to put the historical romance aside for a few weeks to write an Yden prequel called (tentatively) Kira. The book will detail how Warlord Mandral came to power at the expense of the Nomads, and Kira’s attempts to stop him. I’m not certain of the finished length since I’m only 6K words into the story, but I’m having so much fun writing it I don’t want to do anything else.

After I finish Kira and Jessamine’s Folly, I’d still like to squeeze out a Christmas-themed novella of some sort, but I’ll just have to see what develops.

So, in short, I can solemnly swear I’ve been up to no good.  How about you?

~ S.G. Rogers

5 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To”

  1. I am new to your blog, but I liked very much what I’ve read so far, especially the emphasis on the secondary characters. If it was not for them, the suspense would be impossible.


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