Guinevere or Aphrodite? Excerpt from Children of Yden

ChildrenofYden 453x680Excerpt:

Jon glanced over and was struck by how lovely Brett was under the tiny white lights he’d strung over the patio. She’d done her hair up in a kind of complicated braid thing, with curly strands escaping here and there. Brett is Juliet or Guinevere.

His eyes shifted to the dark‑haired beauty standing with Casey several yards beyond. Kira is Helen of Troy and Aphrodite rolled into one. Jon’s stomach did a peculiar somersault.

Stop staring, you idiot, before someone notices.

When a heavy hand clapped him on the shoulder, Jon flinched. His uncle Charles laughed at his reaction.

“What’s wrong, buddy? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you had a guilty conscience.”


The Earth-born children of Yden are returning home, and it’s time to choose sides.

The Fox Clan is building an army, but its motives and goals are unclear. As Jon begins his magical training, a reckless skirmish with Guinn of the Fox Clan has unforeseen repercussions. Not only has Jon placed himself in danger, but nobody around him is safe. When Jon discovers Guinn is looking for a secret weapon, a magical artifact called the Portal Key, he vows to find it first.  Jon does not yet realize the Fox Clan’s most potent weapon in its quest for power will be his heart.

Crowned Heart Award Winner Children of Yden (Sequel to The Last Great Wizard of Yden)

Available now for the Kindle at Amazon, for the Nook at and in all e-formats at Astraea Press.

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