Spotlight on Children of Yden

ChildrenofYden 453x680Blurb: The wizard Efysian has been defeated and the Earth-born children of Yden are returning home. Many are seeking vengeance, and the Fox Clan is only too willing to harness their rage.  As Jon Hansen begins his magical training, the threat of war simmers in the background.  He struggles to balance the workload at his regular high school with the rigors of his apprenticeship on Yden. At the same time, his love life becomes increasingly more complicated. When the Fox Clan begins their siege of terror, Jon tries to stay ahead of the game. He does not yet realize a close friend will render him more vulnerable than he ever thought possible.


Dorsit frowned. “The children of Yden would not return here merely to become pawns in Guinn’s game.”

“They would if they’re being lied to,” Max said. “If Guinn had told me the Dragon Clan was responsible for the death of my father, nothing would’ve stopped me from trying to take Jon apart.”

“Max is right,” Ronny said. “Most of these kids will believe anything they’re told, and they’ll be looking for revenge.”

Her words had the bitter ring of truth to them.

“That’s just great,” Jon exploded. “None of us is safe from now on. And because Guinn has a vanyean seed, Earth isn’t even a refuge anymore.”


Children of Yden (Sequel to The Last Great Wizard of Yden)

Available for the Kindle at Amazon, for the Nook at and in all e-formats at Astraea Press.

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