Back to the Future Hop

back+to+the+future+hopUPDATE: Using, I’ve chosen Sindy as my winner! Congratulations, Sindy!  I’ve sent her an email already to let her know.  Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway and keep your eyes peeled for the next one!  ~ S.G. Rogers

Welcome to Child of Yden!  This hop features books about time travel or books set in the past or future.  I’ve got two such books, recently released, that I’d like to offer up as a prize package!  There are many ways to enter, so pick ONE and let me know in your comment, below, which way you entered.  I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday, January 29th. In fact, the winner will be allowed to pick ANY TWO of my e-books (see the list in the bar on the right), so there is something for everyone.

The Ice Captain’s Daughter

The daughICDCover8ter of a wealthy ice merchant, Miss Jillian Roring intends to marry for love.  En route to her first Season in London, however, a failed kidnapping sends her into the arms of the most jaded bachelor in England.  When Logan and Jillian unwittingly violate the rigid rules of propriety in Victorian-era England, he is obliged to make her an offer of marriage.  Because she aspires to be more than an obligation, Jillian refuses the match. Logan follows her to London to woo her properly, but his scheming ex-fiancée has other plans.

Can Logan convince Jillian that his love for her is real or will the cruel gossip and sharp tongues of London society tear their budding relationship apart?

The Ice Captain’s Daughter is a Victorian-era novella set in 1899.ornament29

Tournament of Chance

tournamentofchance-5101.jpgHeather’s skill is archery. King Chance’s skill is treachery. Who will win?

In the Kingdom of Destiny, King Chance decreed any female be she high or low born may earn a place at court by winning an archery competition known as the Tournament of Chance. Although no commoner has ever won before, this is Heather’s year.  To prevent her from winning the tournament, however, King Chance will stop at nothing.  The king does not yet realize Heather of the Jagged Peaks will be the spark that ignites a revolution — in time.

Tournament of Chance is a Medieval-era fantasy romance novel.ornament29

To Enter: (Pick one)

1) Like The Ice Captain’s Daughter on Amazon HERE; or

2) Add The Ice Captain’s Daughter to your Goodreads to-read list HERE; or

3) Vote for The Ice Captain’s Daughter on Goodreads’ list Teen Historical Novels HERE; or

4) Vote for Tournament of Chance on Goodreads’ list Best Indie Fantasy Books Worth a Read HERE; or

5) Like any of my books on Amazon HERE; or

6) Pick your own way to enter!  I’m open to suggestions.

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know which way you’ve entered, and good luck!

~ S.G. Rogers

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69 thoughts on “Back to the Future Hop”

  1. Ways I entered:
    Ice Captain’s Daughter:
    I liked and reviewed on Amazon (D.Sage)
    Voted for it on Goodread’s list of Teen Historical Novels as well as added it to my books and reviewed it.
    Tournament of Chance:
    Voted for it on Goodread’s list of Best Indie Fantasy Books
    Liked it on Amazon

    I can’t wait to read Cypher , it looks great!


  2. Hi, what a truly fantastic giveaway. Thanks so much. I added both books to Goodreads, because they both look like a good read. The Yden books and the Asgaard books on Amazon look great. I liked all of them along with The Ice Captain’s Daughter. I read so much, that it is always exciting to discover a new author. I would pick Tournament of Chance as the first to read, but they are now all on my Goodreads list.


  3. I added both The Ice Captain’s Daughter and Tournament of Chance to my GoodReads list. I’mg lad you selected these, because I kinda doubt I would have heard of them otherwise and they both look fantastic!


  4. I actually did all of them because they are both great books and deserve the votes and likes.
    I’ve been wanting to read The Ice Captain’s Daughter ever since I seen it on all the blogs. It sounds AWESOME! And Tournament of Chance sounds AWESOME to! Its the first time I heard about it and I’m so glad for this blog hop because it leads me to great blogs and books!
    Thank you for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!

    My goodreads link:


  5. Voted on Goodreads, added to Want to Read on Goodreads, Liked The Last Great Wizard on Amazon and Liked The Ice Captain’s Daughter on Amazon–Cynthia Clubbs (name on Goodreads and Amazon). cc_clubbs at yahoo dot com!!


    1. Oops, Sweety, the hop ended as of January 28th, at midnight! Thanks for adding my book, though, and please keep your eyes peeled for my next giveaway. I’m doing another hop in February, and my ebook giveaways are always international.


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