The Ice Captain’s Daughter

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my first historical romance, The Ice Captain’s Daughter.  Set in Victorian England at the turn of the century, the story revolves around Miss Jillian Roring in her first Season.

At its core, the Season was about marriage, and these marital arrangements were often quite practical in nature.  The royal class often married for money.  Accordingly, monied commoners frequently had the desire to marry royalty.  Where the money came from was always critical to society, however. If a girl’s relatives were deemed to be “in trade,” her chances to make a good match might be doomed from the outset.  Essentially, accepting money for work was “trade,” but sometimes hairs were split thin.  For example, a solicitor was in trade, but a barrister was not.  A surgeon was in trade, but a doctor was not. A military captain might be acceptable to society, but what about the captain of a merchant vessel?  Is he in trade or not?  Such is the backdrop for The Ice Captain’s Daughter.

Can the daughter of an Ice Captain find love and happiness in Victorian England?

~ S.G. Rogers

ICDCover8The daughter of a wealthy ice merchant, Miss Jillian Roring intends to marry for love.  En route to her first Season in London, however, a failed kidnapping sends her into the arms of the most jaded bachelor in England.  When Logan and Jillian unwittingly violate the rigid rules of propriety in Victorian-era England, he is obliged to make her an offer of marriage.  Because she aspires to be more than an obligation, Jillian refuses the match. Logan follows her to London to woo her properly, but his scheming ex-fiancée has other plans.

Can Logan convince Jillian that his love for her is real or will the cruel gossip and sharp tongues of London society tear their budding relationship apart?


“We are not in agreement, sir. I refuse to enter into an engagement with a man in love with someone else!” Jillian exclaimed.

“Have you lost your mind?” Aunt Letty exclaimed. “Love has nothing to do with marriage, on the whole.”

“I… I have no objection, Miss Roring,” Logan said.

Jillian gave him a searching look. “Forgive me, sir. Your offer is honorable, but motivated by obligation. I aspire to enter into more than an unobjectionable union.”

“If these events between you and Mr. Logan become known, Jillian, this may be the only offer of marriage you will ever receive,” Sir William said.

“So be it,” Jillian said. “I will not marry unless the man has a true and abiding affection for me and I for him in return. My mind is made up on the matter and I won’t discuss it further.”

The Ice Captain’s Daughter is available for the Kindle at Amazon ($0.99).

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