The Ice Captain’s Daughter – Excerpt


The Ice Captain’s Daughter – coming January 11th


“Do you not understand, Jillian? Your chances to make a good marriage have been materially damaged by your intimate association with Mr. Logan,” Aunt Letty said.

A protest spilled from Jillian’s lips, but her aunt held up her hand to check it.

“The fact remains — you and he spent the night alone together.”

“Not by choice!”

“However innocent you both may be, the situation is scandalous by anyone’s reckoning.”

“No one need know,” Jillian said, a note of desperation in her voice. “I will not relate these matters to anyone and I feel certain Mr. Logan will keep my confidence!”

Aunt Letty shook her head and sighed. “Servants talk, Jillian, and even a hint of scandal will ruin your prospects. Let us hope your uncle can reach an accord with Mr. Logan on your behalf.”


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