Musa Publishing Apple App Available

I might respectfully suggest that you download my latest Musa release, Tournament of Chance, for $4.99… with a buck to spare. (I’m always looking out for you) *winks*

~ S.G. Rogers

When the game is rigged, sometimes the only option left is to reset the playing field.

When a beautiful commoner enters the Tournament of Chance archery competition, her thwarted victory sparks a revolution in the oppressive kingdom of Destiny. Although Heather never believed the legends about the restoration of Ormaria, after three shape-shifting Ormarian wizards awaken from a long magical slumber, she joins their perilous quest to regain the throne. Heather battles vicious predators and angry trolls to free the wizards’ magic, but at a horrendous cost. She is unexpectedly torn from the arms of the man she loves and hurled back in time to fulfill a prophecy not yet written. The ensuing maelstrom tests Heather’s survival skills, wits, and endurance. Will she become an unwritten footnote in history, or can she trust the magic to lead her back to her one true love?

What Amazon readers are saying:

“It’s fast paced and fascinating! I loved Heather, and Dane, and Jo, and Shimmer, and…You know, I loved everyone. This was a completely developed world.” – Kaitlin

“I was riveted by Heather’s story. SG Rogers kept me on the edge of my seat because of her fast pacing – I just had to know what happened next.” – Muddy Rose Reviews

“[A] captivating story about a young girl who crashes through the crystal ceiling of the kingdom she lives in by challenging the upper class in the Tournament of Chance.  Heather is a plucky, strong character who will appeal to young adults… It’s fabulous!” – Anteater1982

Now available in all e-formats from Musa Publishing HERE. Also available at Amazon, and wherever fine e-books are sold.

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