Fate Worse Than the Guillotine? Character Interview from House of Cards

Author Juli D. Revezzo has released her latest title, House of Cards, just in time for Halloween!  I’ve invited Juli and her main character, Sinjon, for an interview.  Enjoy!

~ S.G. Rogers

Can you gamble with Fate?

A young nobleman escapes the Reign of Terror in 18th century France to find himself dragged into an even worse fate–a hellish underworld wherein he is cajoled and put on trial by a demon tribunal for crimes he never committed. Can he answer thwart his fate — one worse than the guillotine?

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Thank you for coming to chat with us today, Sinjon. Why do you think Juli D. Revezzo choose you to represent her?

You’re most welcome, Suzanne. Thank you for having me. Why would my authoress choose me to represent her in House of Cards? Well, the Hag is quite freaky. Better to let a man deal with her, don’t you think?

Juli adds: Don’t mind him, Suzanne. He’s never heard of Women’s lib. 😉

Tell us about yourself, Sinjon. First off, is there anything you wish Juli had kept quiet about?

I wish she hadn’t said I was the bastard son of the family.

I can see how that would be awkward.  What is your birth date?

June 1773

Where do you live, and what is it about that area that drew you there?

I live in Paris. I was born there, you see, and the area remains beautiful to me. Really, what better city is there in our world?

I look forward to seeing it someday. What do you wish people to know about you?

That despite my beginnings, I strive to be better than just the unwished for son. I’d like to be a historian if I could, or visit Egypt or the Orient. I just never expected to have to leave home so soon, or in the way I did.

What music do you most enjoy?

Mozart of course, and Joseph Haydn’s “Apponyi” was wonderful.

Will we be seeing more of you or are you stepping out of the limelight?

That will depend on Juli, for now, though, I think I may deserve a little break, don’t you?

(Juli adds: I might write more about his family. I’m thinking about it)

Sinjon: Not to pry, dear lady, but what did you say? You know it’s rude to whisper in front of others, don’t you?

*Juli gives Sinjon innocent look* I didn’t say anything.

What is your perfect evening?

Reading, studying. Perhaps a night at the opera occasionally. I’m not much for the wild parties my contemporaries throw—threw, that is.

What really pushes your buttons?

The fact that my family betrayed me! I mean really, how could they? Is that any way for a family to act?

Ah, the dysfunctional family is the inspiration for much literature. What are your biggest turn-ons?

A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, but I have to admit, Suzanne,I have a thing for strong females, and especially blondes.

*Suzanne blushes and clears her throat*

Um…what are your biggest turn-offs?

Hags and people who have the nerve to betray me.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?

You know, they say George Washington loved ice cream. For me, there’s a cherry flavor I tasted at a friend’s dinner party once that I’m in love with. I’m not sure the recipe survived to your time though, Suzanne, sorry.

*Suzanne sighs and consults her clipboard once more*

What is your biggest fear?

That I’ll never get out of the nightmare that Paris has become! Or the hag’s clutches.

Finally, why should the readers be interested in your story?

If they like stories of mystical intrigue, stories with heroes who use their brains to get out of sticky situations, or heroes who get the best of the things which would frighten even the staunchest person, they’ll like House of Cards.

*Juli pipes up* If you’d like to learn more about my works, you can find me online at:

My blog,Author’s Den Page, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, on LibraryThing, on Shelfari, and Twitter: @julidrevezzo

Juli: Thanks for having me back again today, Suzanne!

Suzanne: Any time at all, Juli.

Sinjon: Yes, thank you,  Mistress Suzanne.  *Sinjon kisses Suzanne’s hand* It was a pleasure meeting you.

*Suzanne giggles and ends the interview*

Hey, would you like to win an awesome 2″ x 6″ bookmark? 

Leave a comment, below, and Juli will pick a winner November 1st.  Happy Halloween, everyone.

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