Element of Surprise – Excerpt from CHILDREN OF YDEN

Children of Yden is the sequel to Last Great Wizard of Yden, and it’s jam-packed with action, intrigue, and teenage angst. I don’t have an exact release date yet, but it’s in the wings. Jon and the gang are back, along with a several new fun, feisty characters and nasty bad guys. There are also delicious hints and undercurrents throughout the story that foreshadow things to come in the final book in the trilogy, Secrets of Yden. Enjoy this sneak peek, and keep your eyes peeled for the release date announcement. ~ S.G. Rogers


While balancing the rigorous demands of regular schoolwork, Jon eagerly begins his magical training on Dragon Isle. At the same time, the Dragon Clan starts to search for other Earth-born sons and daughters of Yden’s wizards. Using a purloined map, however, the Fox Clan has already begun recruiting the children of Yden for their own sinister plans. Jon soon discovers Guinn of the Fox Clan is searching for a magical artifact called the Portal Key — and he’s more than willing to kill for it. Worse, Guinn’s desire to settle an old score puts Jon directly in his sights. As Guinn’s schemes fall into place, Jon is forced to hurt a close friend to protect her. Can he learn enough magic in time to thwart Guinn’s ambitions? Will he find the inner strength to survive injury, bitter betrayal, and horrendous loss? The fate of Earth and Yden hangs in the balance.


Without any warning, Jon flew backward, right into a tree. He shook his head, stunned. Just when he managed to focus his eyes, the hooded wizard stepped into view.

Oh, no.

Dazed, Jon struggled to recover. Guinn’s fingers moved and Jon barely managed to deflect his binding spell. Fueled by adrenaline, Jon returned as strong a repulsion wave as he could muster. Caught by surprise, the Fox Clan wizard was blasted off his feet. Jon didn’t linger to savor the moment. He transported home.

When he materialized in his room, Jon was so amped up he couldn’t catch his breath. Pacing back and forth, he raked his wet hair off his face with his fingers.

“I just fought a powerful wizard.” He stopped pacing. “I just fought a powerful wizard — and won!”

At first he was jubilant, but as the impact of his words seared themselves into his consciousness, Jon’s mirth faded. The only reason I’m alive is my sparring drill practice and the element of surprise. Guinn didn’t think I was capable of defending myself. He won’t make the same mistake twice.

Jon paused to stare at his reflection in the mirror.

Guinn had seen his face, but Jon couldn’t identify the Fox Clan wizard except by his distinctive voice. I need to tell Dad, but how? Considering his father’s history with Guinn, Jon hesitated to talk to him about it.

“What on Yden have I done, Ophelia?”

Jon sank down on his bed and dropped his head in his hands.

Thanks for stopping by to read my excerpt! If you haven’t already read The Last Great Wizard of Yden, what are you waiting for? The e-book is available now through Astraea Press, Amazon, BN.com and other fine outlets ($2.99 MSRP). Now available as a trade paperback too! (HERE)

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