From Reject to Release — Tournament of Chance

“What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

My romantic fantasy novel, Tournament of Chance (Musa Publishing) will be released Friday, September 28th.  I couldn’t be more pleased, especially considering its inauspicious beginnings.  You see, I originally wrote TOC as a short story (around 8,000 words).  I submitted the short to several magazines, and although the feedback was positive, I could not find a magazine willing to publish it.  Battered and bruised, I ordinarily would have chucked the manuscript into a folder marked REJECTS, licked my wounds, and moved on to something else.

But I just couldn’t let it go.

I liked the concept of a young woman striving to break through the glass ceiling between commoners and royalty by honing her skills as an archer. In the back of my mind, I knew there was more to the story than the 8,000 words I’d written.  So in between revising, editing, and promoting my other titles, I allowed the full-length version of TOC to unfold. Unlike other, more disciplined authors, I usually let my stories discover themselves.  As the novel moved along, I was actually quite shocked at all the twists, turns, and surprises in store for me.  For example, who knew time travel and shape shifters would find their way into the mix? It took about six months to finish Tournament, and it incorporates many of my favorite things – peacocks, lava tubes, caves, volcanoes, dragons, wizards, romance, and magic.  It also deals with some unlikeable qualities, such as deceit, treachery, false hope, envy, abuse of power, and pride.

So if it weren’t for the rejections I experienced, Tournament of Chance would never have been published as a full-length novel. Perhaps it’s the fighting Irish in me but when I get knocked down, I get up again…and then I write some more. I’m not sure I agree with the Nietzsche quote, above, one hundred percent of the time, but it’s better than the alternative.

Has rejection ever motivated you to succeed?

~ S.G. Rogers

A hunter’s daughter becomes the spark that ignites a revolution—in time.

DragonRebel-Cory2When a beautiful commoner enters the Tournament of Chance archery competition, her thwarted victory sparks a revolution in the oppressive kingdom of Destiny. Although Heather never believed the legends about the restoration of Ormaria, after three shape-shifting Ormarian wizards awaken from a long magical slumber, she joins their perilous quest to regain the throne. Heather battles vicious predators and angry trolls to free the wizards’ magic, but at a horrendous cost. She is unexpectedly torn from the arms of the man she loves and hurled back in time to fulfill a prophecy not yet written.  The ensuing maelstrom tests Heather’s survival skills, wits, and endurance. Will she become an unwritten footnote in history, or can she trust the magic to lead her back to her one true love?

8 thoughts on “From Reject to Release — Tournament of Chance”

  1. Oh, don’t you dare talk to me about rejection! It seemed to be my middle name for over 13 years until I signed a publishing contract last year. I believe there is some Irish coursing through my veins too! Best of luck!


  2. I hate to admit it, but rejection has probably been my biggest motivator. I can get pretty complacent with lots of praise, but rejection nudges me to work harder and move forward. Great post!


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