Magical Creatures – The Peacock

Although I frequently invent imaginary creatures in my fantasy stories, for pure magic it’s hard to top the real, live peacock.  The deep jewel-tone colors of the male peafowl are breathtaking, but the snowy white albino peacock is absolutely stunning too.

I’d seen a few peacocks when I was a child, and had always found them fascinating. The creatures made the greatest impact on me, however, when I visited the Los Angeles Country Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Arcadia, California.  I’d never seen so many peafowl in one place before, and in such lovely surroundings. As I walked through the 127 acre Arboretum grounds, I passed scenery straight out of a storybook.

And to all this natural beauty, add dozens and dozens of peacocks strutting around in full display. I’ve never forgotten that day, and as a result I sneak peacocks into my books from time to time.  In my full-length novel, Tournament of Chance (coming September 28th from Musa Publishing), the young heroine visits a castle with her father and is enchanted by the peacocks she sees there.  When she’s grown up, she wears the tip of a peacock feather in her lapel for luck during archery competitions.

Have you ever seen a creature so magical you never forgot it?

~ S.G. Rogers

4 thoughts on “Magical Creatures – The Peacock”

  1. Hello,

    The peacocks run around free on the hotel property adjoining ours. They may be beautiful to look at but they are very noisy birds!! Especially early in the morning, they seem to gather along the property line, just to ensure that we are all awake on time 0545AM
    We need to reset their internal clocks!!

    I would love to have a blue-silver Ocicat. They are quite smart, very sociable and also affectionate. Truly remarkable cats!! I just cannot get these cats out of my blood. I would grab 3-4 if I was able-bodied! If I’m very lucky I might get one!




  2. Such lovely photos! Many birds can be so beautiful to look at, and I love a good bird legend too. My current WIP has a Slavic firebird character that’s been a lot of fun to write. Can’t wait to check out your upcoming release 🙂


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