Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – 1960s Horror Movie?

A story appears in the Ynglinga saga by Snorri Sturluson, worthy of a 1960s horror flick.

Way back when the Æsir  and Vanir were at war, the time finally came for a truce.  Both sides exchanged hostages.  The Vanir sent Njörðr the Rich, his son Freyr, and the very wise Kvasir to Asgard.  As for the Æsir , they sent the photogenic Hœnir.  Hœnir took as his secret advisor the jötunn, Mimir.

With Mimir’s assistance, Hœnir looked and played the part of a chieftain well.  When Mimir was absent, however, Hœnir had nothing intelligent to add to the conversation. Nobody likes to be made a fool, and the Vanir were no exception.  They quickly surmised Hœnir to be Mimir’s sock puppet.  After they lopped off Mimir’s head, they sent it back to Asgard in a fit of pique.

Odin preserved Mimir’s head, magically reanimated it, and was thereby able to learn Mimir’s many secrets. When asked for his feelings on his grim demise, Mimir replied, “I don’t know, I just roll with it.”

~ S.G. Rogers

Happy Wodensday!


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