Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – The Brisingamen Caper

The theft of Freyja’s famous necklace, Brísingamen, was quite a coup.  How the deed was accomplished presented a mystery, but the goddess of love was determined to track the cat burglar down.  The case would require the highest level of expertise as well as discretion.  Since the necklace was stolen while Freyja slept, certain tongues might wag.

Enter Detective Heimdallr.

Although the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge had a day job, he could not resist coming to the aid of a lady in distress (particularly one as beautiful as Freyja).

Heimdallr possessed all the necessary skills for a crack detective, such as extraordinary hearing and eyesight.  His vision was so keen, in fact, that he could see into the future.

Heimdallr’s investigation turned up clues that pointed to The Pink Panther of the Norse Pantheon…Loki himself.

It’s one thing to catch a thief, and another to recover the booty.  Loki had cleverly disguised himself as a seal, so Heimdallr transformed himself into a seal too.  The battle between Loki and Heimdallr was short and pitched, but the brightest of the gods prevailed.

See authentic historical recreation HERE

Freyja was happy and relieved when Heimdallr returned Brísingamen.  No mention was made of any reward, although perhaps the whole episode was kissed by a seal, er, sealed with a kiss.

~ S.G. Rogers


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10 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – The Brisingamen Caper”

  1. How Freyja came to get the necklace is a rated PG story or more. It has puzzled those who have studied the Norse. There was only one god that could have pulled off the crime but it was interesting to see how the gods fight.

    Very humorous seal stuff. The battle scene was hilarious. Well done.


  2. I love how Loki goes from clever trickster to force of chaos to total traitor over the course of the Norse myths. The light-hearted stories like this one and Thor’s wedding balance out the fateful end tales.


    1. I agree, David. In some of the stories, Loki is almost likeable. In others, he’s despicable. Often his actions end up being USEFUL in one way or another. That’s the most interesting aspect of all.


      1. It’s interesting that in the Danish comic series about the Norse gods, Valhalla, he is a “good” character for much of the series; but in some of the stories that duplicitous/selfish side comes out as they retell the myths. In Marvel’s version he’s pretty much all villain. My favourite tale about him is Lokasenna or The Flyting of Loki, in which he finally pushes the other Aesir too far.


      2. He’s a fascinating trickster character, and even though he has a hand in Ragnarök I never felt he was a Satan-figure — actually, that was one aspect of the Thor movie Marvel put out that I quite liked. The portrayal of Loki was ambiguous, you never quite know what side he’s really on.


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