Thor Tips His Helmet This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a great occasion to remember the men and women in the military who serve their country.  In homage to Memorial Day, we revisit the grandest warrior of them all…Thor.

Thor wasn’t just a hammer-wielding hunk of a god.  He also knew how to use his brains.  There once was an amorous dwarf, Alviss, who aspired to wed Thor’s daughter.  Doting father that he was, Thor wasn’t having any of it.  Nevertheless, he convinced the dwarf he could gain his consent if Alviss answered his questions on a number of weighty topics.

Alviss was indeed a smarty-pants, and managed to wax enthusiastically and at length about the worlds he’d visited.  Thor and the lovelorn dwarf yakked all night about this, that and the other thing.  Just before dawn, Thor was forced to admit he’d never seen a wiser soul. 

But as George Harrison sang, “Here Comes The Sun.”  (VIDEO) Thor kept Alviss talking so long the rising sun turned him to stone.  End of problem.

The question is, if Alviss was so wise, how come he didn’t see that one coming?

~ S.G. Rogers

Looking for an opportunity to give back to the U.S. Military?  Check out Operation Gratitude.  They send 100,000 care packages annually to servicemen and women, their children, and to the wounded. 😀


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16 thoughts on “Thor Tips His Helmet This Memorial Day”

  1. I’ve enjoyed your mythology offerings from my email box–always entertaining, and since one of my WIP is a mythological fantasy YA it’s fun to see how others dabble. 😀 May the Hops bring you many new readers, and a well preserved ale.


  2. Your book sounds awesome, will definitely have to read it. Fantasy, adventure, druids, and Norse mythology? I’m in! Liked your facebook page, also followed you on twitter. Have a great weekend!


  3. I haven’t had a chance to comment recently due to being so busy, but I have enjoyed your blog posts on the Norse mythology. This blog post wasn’t any different. Good luck with your releases.


  4. Hi S.G,

    Any book that is a friend of yours is a friend of mine. I’m not fussy, I love all genre’s and I’m already taken by your style, as you may know already.
    I will spread the word the word on my FB, twitter and google for you. May you have continued success in this buzy year! Send me some angels please, my health has been going through a rough patch and it’s dragging me with it, darn! Any cute angel will do. Ok, even a so-so, I’m not prejudiced after all. I am already following you on twitter & FB & wordpress something or other! I’ll get lost in the void if I venture out any further than google, FB, twitter but I’m on FourSquare are you! I’m also on Link’in and see very few authors so you might want to consider that professional association. See you at the blog! Jaxs


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