Got Dragons?

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If you like dragons, you’ll like these two titles.

The Last Great Wizard of Yden – All Jon wanted for his birthday were the keys to the car.  Instead, he got a lousy magic ring.


“What are you drawing?” Kira asked.

“A mode of transportation, hopefully,” Jon replied. “If this works, I won’t be expending all my energy using the cuff.”

Fred watched Jon work. “It’s a dragon!” he chortled, finally. “I’ve always liked connect-the­dots.”

“Is that a good idea?” Casey asked Jon.

“Efysian killed off the dragons. It’s time I brought them back.”

“No, I mean dragons breathe fire, don’t they? How do you know it’s going to be a friendly dragon?” Casey asked.

The completed drawing shimmered against the dawn and began to take shape. Suddenly Jon was consumed with doubt.

“You’ve got a point, Casey,” he said. “Maybe we should wait inside.”

Unfortunately, the turret staircase was now filled with the echo of cygards in pursuit. Jon’s heart sank when he noticed Lyesh leading the charge. Kira brandished her sword. “We are cut off!”

Jon winced as a colossal-­sized dragon materialized in the open space where his drawing had been. “Get behind the turret!” he yelled. “Fast!”

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Minna & The ValentineCan Minna seal a rift in the universe before it’s too late?


“I can barely hear myself think!” Evan exclaimed.

Minna grinned. “I know! Don’t you find it exciting?”

The announcer was introducing the dragon and rider team just returning from their demonstration run. Evan had to raise his voice to be heard. “Maybe under different circumstances I would. How about I take you to a dragon race when we get back home?”

“Why I—” Minna broke off as the color commentator announced the next incoming team. Her face grew pale, and her head whipped toward the small vidscreen. Wynn Westerfield had entered the stadium and was flying toward the central platform on My Girl. The crowd was stamping their feet. Evan struggled to keep up as Minna darted through the short tunnel into the stands to join the throng of onlookers at the railing. To the delight of everyone in the stadium, Wynn Westerfield put My Girl through several fancy aerial maneuvers before he brought the exquisite golden dragon in for a landing. Minna’s knuckles showed white as she gripped the top of the metal fence, unable to tear her eyes away. Evan put his arm around her shoulders.

“Are you all right, Minna?”

“My father is still racing,” she said, shaking her head in amazement. “The accident never happened here.”

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