Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Loki the Gadfly

Loki made a bet with the smithy dwarf Brokkr that his designer label wasn’t as cool as the Sons of Ivaldi designer label.

Bad bet.

Among other super nifty magical creations, Brokkr and his brother Eitri made…Mjölnir, Thor’s awesome hammer.

[Wait!…how the heck do you pronounce Mjölnir anyway?  Watch a short video by Wiseman2024 on YouTube HERE.  It’s mee-uhl-neer for the impatient among us.]

Now Loki REALLY didn’t want to lose the bet because his head was riding on it.  Literally.  So while the Brokkr brothers were slaving away over a hot, magical forge, Loki transformed himself into a gadfly. He bit Brokkr on the eyeball (ew) and as a result, Mjolnir’s handle came out (gasp) a wee bit short.  Since the hammer was nevertheless PHAT, Thor took delivery anyway and compensated by wearing iron gloves. (This goes to prove the axiom that it’s not the size of the hammer that matters, but how you wield it.)

Since Loki lost the bet, you may very well wonder how he managed to keep his head.  In typical Loki fashion, he weaseled out of the bet on a technicality. He claimed Brokkr couldn’t take his head without also damaging his dainty neck (not part of the wager).  Brokkr was hopping mad, and sewed Loki’s lying pie-hole with wire so the trickster couldn’t boast until the wire came out.

For Loki’s next gig, he ran for political office.

~ S.G. Rogers

Kidnapped from Earth and abandoned in Asgard of Norse mythology, Dani Avery must fight to return home.  When she stumbles upon a band of outlaws, Prince Rein agrees to take her to the Rainbow Bridge personally. Although Dani is attracted to the handsome elf, his only interest seems to be in separating her from the magical sword and shield at her side. In Asgard City, rules, regulations and bureaucrats stymie Dani’s quest.  Increasingly frustrated and desperate, she seeks help among powerful immortals. Unfortunately, Dani becomes ensnared in a devious trap that may leave her stranded and alone in Asgard forever.


“Um…I was kidnapped from Midgard and I want to go home.”

Suddenly all business, Heimdallr flipped opened a leather-bound journal. “I’ll need to see your passport and travel documents,” he said, picking up a pen from a desk set shaped like a rainbow. “Also, your Deed Completion Certificate.”

“Er…I don’t have any of that. Like I said, I was brought here against my will. Look, I have a little cash — and a universally accepted credit card. Do you think we can we work something out?”

Mr. H slammed the journal shut. “Sorry, but rules are rules. Try the Midgard Embassy. It’s adjacent to Asgard City Commons. They’ll exchange your fiat currency for gold, but I warn you the exchange rate is terrible.”

After Mr. H gave her directions to Asgard City Commons, Dani was on the street again. She was tired, hungry — and slightly tearful. What the heck was she going to do if she couldn’t get home?


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