Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Hi-yo, Sleipnir! Away!

Budge over, Silver.  Today the spotlight shines on Odin’s grey steed, Sleipnir.  The most awesome of horses ever, Sleipnir has eight legs.  Not only is he fast, he can fly high enough to clear the gates of Helheim.  Described in various accounts as “splendid,” “the best of horses,” and “a marvelously good horse,” Sleipnir must have a stellar pedigree, right?  Er, no.  His daddy was an extraordinarily strong stallion named Svaðilfari, and his mommy was…Loki.  You see, as a shape-shifter, Loki turned himself into a mare to horse around with Svaðilfari, and later gave birth to Sleipnir.  Neigh, I kid you not.  The other Norse gods thought this was weird, too, and called Loki “perverse” and a “pervert.” In all fairness to Loki, he did it to save a bet. Word is that Loki wrote a screenplay about the affair and shopped it to Hollywood.  It was called Nightmare on Æsir  Street. Although there were no takers, given the success of Jersey Shore there’s been some interest in turning it into a reality TV show.

~ S.G. Rogers

Kidnapped from Earth and abandoned in Asgard of Norse mythology, Dani Avery must fight to return home.  When she stumbles upon a band of outlaws, Prince Rein agrees to take her to the Rainbow Bridge personally. Although Dani is attracted to the handsome elf, his only interest seems to be in separating her from the magical sword and shield at her side. In Asgard City, rules, regulations and bureaucrats stymie Dani’s quest.  Increasingly frustrated and desperate, she seeks help among powerful immortals. Unfortunately, Dani becomes ensnared in a devious trap that may leave her stranded and alone in Asgard forever.

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