Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Going To Hel

In Norse mythology, if you don’t die a heroic death, you’re going to Hel.

Helheim is the ninth of the Nine Worlds, and unlike the corresponding Christian underworld “Hell,” there are no pitchforks and flames.  In fact, it’s next door to Niflheim, the world of ice and mist.  Hel, Loki’s daughter, presides over the realm, having been appointed by Odin.  The real estate of Hel is quite posh, with a great many mansions having high walls and oversized gates.  Hel receives the dead and tends to their needs, but there is no indication she does so cheerfully.  Hel lives in a hall named Eljudnir, which is frosty outside.  Garm, a bloodstained dog, guards the gates of Hel.

There is no indication whether the road to Hel is paved with good intentions. 🙂

~ S.G. Rogers


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9 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Norse Mythology – Going To Hel”

  1. Neat post! Isn’t it interesting how their mythology reflects emotion in the Asgardians, not just the super-being aspects. Loki is very interesting as the aspect of male/female/horse. Love it all, and you reminded me how nice it is to get lost in their world…from a safe distance. Nice blood-covered doggie…good bloody Helhound…see the ball? Go get it!

    C.K. Garner


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