Thor’s Day – Fun Facts About Norse Mythology

It’s official…Thor was a ginger.  He’s generally described with a red beard and hair.  Thor was Odin’s most famous son and a superstar of the Norse pantheon.  Although Odin was married to Frigga, apparently ‘All Father’ stepped around a little because Thor’s mom (Jörd) was a giantess.

Thor’s the fellow to have on your side during a battle because of his fierce fighting technique.  Every Thor costume kit should have at least three things: the super-cool hammer Mjölnir, the strength-doubling belt Megingjörd, and the iron gloves Járngreipr.  If you have extra money left over, you might also consider investing in a magical staff Gridarvölr. Not only is Thor associated with thunder and lightning, he’s also known for strength, healing, fertility, and the protection of mankind. 

Thor was such a popular figure during the Viking Age, many folks wore a Mjölnir pendant as a symbol of opposition to Christianization.

Quick! How the heck do you pronounce ö?  It’s like the ‘i’ in ‘sir’

How the heck do you pronounce j?  Like ‘y’ in ‘yoga’


Another factoid from the Norse creation myth…involves a cow.  In the beginning, only the worlds of fire (Muspelheim) and ice (Niflheim) existed.  When the warm air of Muspelheim hit the cold ice of Niflheim, the jötunn (giant) Ymir and the cow Audumbla were born. While Ymir slept, he sweated out a man and a woman from his armpits.  While Audumbla suckled Ymir, the cow licked the first Norse god (Búri) out of a salty block of ice.

Okay, I know it sounds bizarre, and it is.  I didn’t make it up.  But Norse mythology lends itself to all sorts of flights of fancy, wouldn’t you say?  If you’d like to read my flight of fancy, check out Dani & the Immortals.  ~ S.G. Rogers


DANICOVER7When Dani was a teen, she had it all; a starring role in her own television series, a wonderful family, and her health. A few years later, everything has changed for the worse—and her time is running short. All she wants to do before she dies is to fall in love, but when she’s kidnapped and taken to Asgard of Norse mythology, she becomes enmeshed in a quarrel between immortals. Prince Rein lends a hand in her quest to return home, and she begins to think the handsome elf has captured her heart. After a magical artifact goes missing, however, he may be forced to marry another woman to avert a diplomatic catastrophe. To find the artifact and save the prince, Dani must undertake a dangerous quest involving ogres, dark fairies, and underworld criminals. Ultimately, however, she’ll have to defy Odin himself.

Dani & the Immortals is available for the Kindle HERE

5 thoughts on “Thor’s Day – Fun Facts About Norse Mythology”

  1. GINGER POWER!! Awesome, but where are Thor’s gloves in the picture? Maybe he forgot them when he posed? ;-D And the cow tale is pretty weird. I suppose being sweated out of the armpits makes sense, given how cold it must have been in Norseland. Uh, right. Dani & the Immortals sounds fabulous, though!!


    1. Maybe he got the gloves AFTER he posed for the portrait. Alternatively, perhaps the gloves were at the blacksmith’s on the day this picture was painted. When I see Thor next, I’ll ask him. 😀 Thanks, Meg.


  2. Hey, if you see Thor next, tell him I want his autograph (gloves optional). 😉 And paintings aside, as I said yesterday, he’ll always look like Chris Helmsworth to me.

    Added Dani & the Immortals to my list at Goodreads. It sounds great!


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